Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 3 February

Wednesday 3rd February
IT’S SMALL STEPS FOR CARLA AND JOHNNY Robert calls on Carla and angrily tells her how Johnny threatened him. Pointing out that she’s more to lose than he has, Robert suggests she has a word with her Dad. Carla arrives at the factory with Richie in tow and is embarrassed to find Johnny and Aidan mid-row. Carla apologises to Richie and assures him it’s a one off. Dispatching Aidan and Richie, Carla rounds on Johnny, telling him about her visit from Robert and ordering him to stay out of her personal life.
FIRST DAY JITTERS HIT JENNY Jenny’s nervous as she prepares for her first day at work. Furious to discover that Jenny’s the new cleaner at Underworld, Sally storms into the office and tells Aidan either he sacks Jenny or she’s resigning. How will Aidan respond? Meanwhile Sean and Beth are furious to discover someone has stolen their lunch. Beth’s then horrified to find a tenner missing from her purse. Sally and Beth reckon Jenny’s the culprit. As Rita and Jenny enjoy a quiet drink Sally approaches and pointing the finger, accuse a mortified Jenny of thieving from the factory staff. 
IT’S A NEW DAWN FOR FIZ AND TYRONE Tyrone’s downbeat as Fiz hands him a cheap packed lunch. As Tyrone looks wistfully at Luke’s fish and chips, Luke takes pity on him and swaps half his lunch. Later Fiz and Tyrone are touched when Luke offers to increase his rent by £50 a month.
ELSEWHERE Simon’s thrilled when he’s picked for the football team. Leanne’s delighted to see him smiling for once. Erica calls at No.7 and drags Mary away from the TV, insisting they’re going shopping. Will Erica succeed in cheering Mary up?

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Odd Couple - Erica & Mary :-)

Anonymous said...

20 years older than they should be - Dev's kids! ;)

Anonymous said...

Erica & Mary are great together - they really are the odd couple, but it works. Can't say I'm enjoying Fiz right now - a right nightmare with coming down on Tyrone so hard for blowing the budget.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Jenny's per se but I did feel sorry for her when she was accused of theft.It seems once a year if not more someone in the factory is falsely accused of theft and when the truth does come out,no one apologises.
I also agree about Fiz,she's almost abusive in her treatment of Tyrone,first turning of the heat to save money and now giving Tyrone a skimpy lunch as 'punsishment'.I wonder where is Fiz going for he lunch,in the café mooching off Roy?There better not be a scene with Fiz in the Rovers either!
Luke is proving what a true friend he really is to Tyrone.

Anonymous said...

Nothing at all personal against the actors who portray Fizz and Tyronne, but I can't stand either one of them. They are both as thick as bricks their house is a complete tip (where on earth does Luke sleep?) in that tiny little house. All Fizz does is whine and moan and treats Tryonne like a child. Sorry but to me their time on Corrie is well passed it's sell by date. Hopefully the new producer will bring in some new and interesting characters. Unlike old before their time - Fizz, Tyronne and Chesney his girlfriend could do so much better!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should come down so hard on Fizz & Tyrone - they are only portraying the characters as the writers have written them. It would be nice to see them a bit calmer and more together, if only for the kid's sake if nothing else. It seems to me that any real life parents who had gone through what they did with Hope's cancer would be a bit more forgiving and thankfull for the outcome, even if it did cost them a small fortune. I'm sure in reality there are millions of parents who would gladly have spent the money Tyrone did to have the positive outcome for their children. Maybe it's about time that Corrie put a much more positive spin on things at least for awhile. We have enough misery right now with all the other characters.

Christine K said...

I would hate to be Carla's neighbour. All the screaming, slamming doors, high heels on the hardwood. I'd go crazy!

Newfy Pearl said...

I could not believe Fizz turning off the heat!! Surely this is not good for the health of the kiddies. Expecially since one has just recently been battling cancer! Those writers must think they are writing for that is a show that is full of misery for sure.

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