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Saturday 13 February 2016

Corrie weekly update - Whistling the people's tune

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HMS Sally’s in full sail as she cracks on with her campaign to be elected as independent Weatherfield Councillor. With all the Simon business going on, Ken stands down as her campaign manager and she has to choose between Norris and Mary who both want the job.  It’s Norris she chooses, much to Mary’s chagrin.
Phelan sabotages the lecky at Kev’s new garage so that Kev will keep him on to fix it. Phelan needs to stay working for Kev because he’s got no more work to go to but Kevin doesn’t know that. However, Anna does. She overhears Phelan on his phone touting for work and throws a wobbler when she finds out Kev’s kept the slime-ball on. Why Anna doesn’t tell Kev about her history with Phelan is beyond me. 

Over at Underworld, the girls are in a state and Johnny Connor runs half-way up the stairs when someone says they’ve seen a mouse. It’s not a mouse, but the rustling and food stealing that’s been going on comes out in the open when Marta runs out of the factory hiding under Sean’s coat.  Eva comes clean to Aidan and tells him all she knows about Marta hiding in the factory. What neither of them know is where Marta has gone or how far the nasty O’Driscolls are involved in human trafficking. An interesting storyline, to be sure.

As Marta dashes out of the factory, she bumps into Izzy and knocks her to the floor.  Izzy’s already in pain and the accident makes things ten times worse. She turns to Erica and takes up her offer of cannabis in the search for pain relief.


Leanne turns Simon into the cops this week after he breaks Kyle’s leg playing footy. Poor Simon. I have always been on his side and I make no apology for it. Being passed from pillar (Peter) to post (Leanne) and with no-one actually wanting him or loving him; having his mum and grandma die. Having to live with trollop Leanne in a tiny little flat. The list goes on. The boy is troubled and needs some help. Turning him into the cops for assault wasn’t the best move, but it’s the one Leanne takes.  Simon’s bundled into a cop car on the cobbles in a big noisy fuss and given a very hard time down at the station. 

Elsewhere this week, Johnny and Jenny share a drink in the Bistro. A possible friendship and romance brews up at the bar.

Over at the salon, Beth has her hair done by David who uses a new colour on her roots that he’s never used before. Two words, David. Patch test.  Beth comes out in a rash all over her face and at first blames the food at the Bistro before Audrey takes responsibility and gives Beth free hairdos for a year to keep her gob shut.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Great write up as always, Emma. Tim's support of Sally shows the difference between him and Kevin. Tim evidently adores her while Kevin would always aim to be top dog in their marriage. I don't feel that Sally has teamed up with a 'lesser mortal' in order to feel superior. There's true love between them helped by a healthy dose of physical attraction.

Poor Leanne. She could have coped with Simon if she had been the only victim but she jumped the gun when it involved someone else. Perhaps someone like Leanne, ie probably unfamiliar with agencies beyond the main statutory ones, wouldn't think to go looking for a self help group for parents. There are charities who support families in such situations. Has she been on the internet, seeking advice? Surely Zeedan or Eva would have suggested going on-line. I wouldn't believe in a quick reconciliation between Leanne and Simon. It would be interesting if Simon moved in with Ken, forcing Tracy to set up home with Robert and Amy elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Poor Leeanne indeed! She's damned if she does,damned if she doesn't!I did wonder though why wasn't Leeanne shown the video earlier instead of being only told the player's injury.
I think instead of moving in with Ken that Simon should live with his father on a permanent basis otherwise his abuse will go on and on with Ken being his next target.
If that's how Simon's and Leeanne's storyline ends,then I'm very disappointed as in true Barlow fashion,Simon gets away with it.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Many apologies! Great write up as always, Flaming Nora!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that Simon is unloved, as I feel that Leanne truly does love him. Nor do I feel that she is a trollop, as her behavior has been mature for a good many years now. I agree that calling the cops was possibly ill-advised, but I think that Leanne is at the end of her tether. Neither of the men who should be helping (Peter and Ken) have been doing so - let's put some blame on them. Why is it that the single mother who is trying to juggle child care, work life and home duties always the one who ends up taking a lion's share of the blame?

Anonymous said...

Why would they write in Norris as Sally's advisor? He's been just a pain in the a$$ for years..unless it's to garner more cringe-worthy jibes back and forth between Norris and Sally. I'll pass.
Leanne should send Simon packing to his rich grandparents..weren't they willing to take him on a few years back? Or are they in the twilight zone with so many others now?

Unknown said...

I feel sorry for both Leanne and Simon. Simon hasn't been treated very well throughout his life and has suffered many losses. Leanne though has been beaten by a child who she loves truly. I'm on the fence.

Anonymous said...

I haven't forgotten how Leanne tried to use Simon to get back at Peter so she gets no sympathy from me now. She was never the right person to bring Simon up. He would have been so much better off with Ken and Deirdre.

And it's no good just blaming Peter all the time while he's out of the picture. I wonder why Leanne's often aggressive and rude attitude hasn't been judged? This is all Simon knows. And when her relationships with men end in disaster, the poor kid is always dragged into it.

Anonymous said...

Leanne did NOT instigate the ending of her relationship with either Peter or Kal. I felt that she also suffered greatly at these times, so let's not suggest that they ended because she was a trollop. That's unfair.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 18:02 This is why I can see why people call her "St. Leanne". She cheated on Peter and was going to run off with Nick but that's conveniently forgotten about because Peter then had an affair.
The damage was done long before Peter left her for Carla.

Then Leanne messed Nick around for years. Taking Simon along with her. In the end, she led Nick to believe that they could give their marriage another go (after his brain injury) but she started sleeping with Kal instead. Then poor Simon was stuck in the middle of their bitter divorce battle, where Leanne tried to take the Bistro from Nick and make him pay maintenance for Simon.

Poor Simon had no chance.

Anonymous said...

Pay maintenance for Simon? A child who was not Nick's biological or adopted offspring?

Anonymous said...

That is correct lol anonymous 03:10


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