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Thursday 11 February 2016

Coronation Street Weds 10th February episode review

Happy birthday, Eva!

Hello! It's the ever-punctual Jordan here with this week's Wednesday review. First of all- I'd like to wish a happy birthday to the fabulous Eva Price- a character who in my opinion is shaping up to become one of the all-time Corrie greats.

Leanne is too busy worrying about Simon that she has forgotten her sister's birthday, but Simon has remembered, presenting her with a card. Leanne is still reeling from the incident at the football match the night before, when Simon severely injured Kyle. After Kyle's dad Tom calls at the Bistro to give her the news that Kyle's leg is broken and he may never play football again,  Leanne decides enough is enough and pays a visit to the police station. 

These scenes were beautifully written and played. The police had little interjection- apart from asking the odd question and the main focus was Leanne, bravely admitting to the abuse she has suffered. However, she still loves Simon and this is made obvious when with each admission, she tries to reduce the severity of the claims. The performance of the episode definitely goes to Jane Danson as Leanne. She's a fantastic actress and has been given a slew of great storylines lately. I've always thought Leanne is one of the best characters from the last twenty years. She has grown up on the Street and endured drama after drama. Keep them coming! She is never going to be a comedy character- she's a tart with a heart who has been sentenced to a life of soapland woe.

"Are we talking about a husband or a partner?"
" It's my son. My twelve year old son"
"We had a row and he shoved me...I hit my head. And then some friends found me."
"You were unconscious?"
"Yeah...but only for a bit!"

"Yeah. Just for one night though"

Our pal Sal is at it again, trying every which way to get people interested in her campaign to become a councillor. After dragging a positive answer out of Steph about an all-night bus service, things became even more hilarious when she and Tim and Anna and Kevin end up on a double date thanks to Kevin. Mrs Walker has quite a few things to say to Mrs Tanner, but Mrs Tanner certainly fired back with the joke of the episode. Sally likes to think that she is an 'every woman' and although she could not possibly have ever been in the same boat as Anna as a working single mother, she does appreciate that until her marriage to Tim that she and Anna were in the same 'stretch of ocean'. I love this storyline right now. I'm not entirely sure where it is going but it is working brilliantly so far. Of course, I don't think Sally will actually be elected, but if she is, this can only make room for more laughs.
"I think that my greatest gift to being a potential councillor is my ability to be able to empathise with ordinary folk.
My slogan should be 'Been there, done it!"
"You'll be having t-shirts made next"
"That's a fantastic idea!"
"Oh, Sal, behave"
"I can just see Tim and Kevin wearing one. Sally - been there. Done it"

Elsewhere the biggest mystery on the Street at present is of course Beth's allergic reaction to...something. We don't quite know what yet, but Beth is still adamant that it is the food from the Bistro. Even Kirk can see she is being daft, but she is having none of it. They bump into Nick and she demands a free meal on Valentine's Day. That makes total sense- have another meal at the place you think has poisoned you. Well, if it's free. Beth eventually tells Nick to 'stuff' the free meal he never offered and storms off, saying she is going to call the council. 

"Do I look like I'm feeling any better? I was up half the night scratching like a deranged cat!"

We were also treated to more of Tracy and Todd last night- a hilarious double act.   Todd has been working hard doing an arrangement for Audrey's Salon. Unfortunately, Todd has done an arrangement of tiger lilies when Audrey asked for Calla lilies.  Tracy can tell the difference of course because she's a flower expert after being a florist's assistant that one time. Todd is a little peeved and makes a snide comment about Robert and Carla to Tracy, which he later regrets. When Robert dismisses her advances, this rubs salt in the wounds and causes Tracy to worry. Later on, Todd goes to apologise but Tracy appears to brush it off. She's clearly hiding something.

"Flowers bore Robert senseless but even he can tell the difference"
"Oh right so now he's Mr Perfect again, is he?"
"It's better than being Mr I-Can't-Be-Bothered-To-Learn-My-Job-Even-Though I'm-Getting-Paid-For-It"
"Yeah, well we can't all be Mr I-Slept-With-My-Girlfriend's-Worst-Enemy"

One storyline which wasn't mentioned in last night's episode was the slave ring drama with the Polish girl. That is shaping up to be a fantastic storyline and definitely something new.

Overall, a good episode which was highly comedic and had one dramatic storyline running throughout. In my opinion, that's how it should usually be.

Thanks for reading!

Jordan, Twitter - @JordanLloyd39

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Anonymous said...

actually what has happened to the polish girl (Marta) and the slave ring/trade which I presume will turn out to be the O'Driscolls? I sometimes feel that the Wednesday episode is a filler and doesn't flow from the Monday eps to the Friday eps. Rather strange.

maggie muggins said...

Nice Wednesday blog, Jordan! I always enjoy your outlook on Corrie goings on. If I may - one pedantic quibble. Todd's bouquet was made of tiger lilies and Audrey wanted Calla.

Loving Sally's campaigning comedy! I was cheering for Anna when she suggested Tim and Kevin both wear the "Been There, Done It" t-shirts. Sally for Mayor! We'll have comedy gold for years.

I thought Leanne reporting to the police about Simon was done well, though it's such an unpleasant story. I feel at least she's opened up about the whole thing, no matter what happens next.

Unknown said...

Well thank you very much! I always love hearing feedback on my reviews.

Oopsy- it would appear that I am about as knowledgeable about flowers as Todd is! Thanks for pointing that out- it has been changed.


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