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Thursday 25 February 2016

Why Carla Connor will never be Tracy Barlow's bitch

I loved last night's Coronation Street, written by Jonathan Harvey.  The very end scene between Tracy and Carla spoke volumes. Carla stopped Tracy on the Street. She told her that if no other offers were received then Nick would accept Rob's low offer to buy Bistro.  She goes on to tell Tracy that she's doing her a favour as selling the Bistro means she can move away from Weatherfield at last.

Tracy: "So that's what's happened is it? I've done you a favour?"
Carla: "Yeah. So, thanks babe."
Tracy: "No. I'll tell you what's happened, shall I? You've become my bitch, babe. I always knew you had it in yer."

Carla's face - screen grabbed above from my telly screen - was a picture. But that isn't the Carla face we want to see is it? NO!

THIS is the Carla face we want to see. 

This is one of the earliest pictures of Carla, before she lost her balls.  Get them out of Tracy's handbag and fight, woman, fight!

It could be interesting because we know Carla's leaving later this year.  Corrie could knock her down so far that you don't think she'll ever get up again. And then - ker-flaming-ching - she roars back to the woman we always knew she was - and in some style too, before finally leaving the cobbles.

They wouldn't send her off in the back of a taxi, would they?  Not Carla Connor?

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Anonymous said...

I hate Tracy but the line about Carla being her Bitch was so true. Why Is Carla letting her call the shots and walk all over her? Nick will probably end up being the biggest loser bless him. I can't help think though that there must be some big twist going to happen. Are they really going to let Tracy win? Carla is a big character who right now is being ruined by this stupid storyline. And seeing as she isn't leaving until the summer Tracy wont get everything her own way. Carla had a meltdown when she found out about Johnny being her dad and Rob blackmailing him and yet she is letting the same thing happen to Nick. Someone she is supposedly in love with. She has made things 10 x worse as I think Nick may well have forgiven her cheating. I just don't see Tracy and Robert in the Bistro long term and that hopefully means Nick will end up getting it back somehow.

Anonymous said...

Why do we have to pretend that Carla wouldn't completely and utterly annihilate Tracy?
And where has the woman who survived Tony Gordon and Frank Foster gone?

Anonymous said...

It's simple - rather than write storylines to fit the character, they change the character to fit the storyline. After all they are just actors and I bet the writers feel that the actors are far inferior to them. So where's the surprise???

Tvor said...

Carla should have gone to Robert straight away and told him that Tracy was blackmailing her. Robert would have shut Tracy down in no time flat. No matter how this plays out, I really doubt that the powers that be will allow Tracy to win in the end so here's hoping Carla blows her out of the water at the last minute.

C in Canada said...

I'm with Tvor on that - she should have told Robert straight off and that would have been the end of it. Robert's no fool, but he wouldn't have let that play out behind his back.
Let Carla go out on a high writers, PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Royston needs to stop messing about with Peter Barlow on the stage and talk some sense into Carla.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Robert would be sympathetic to Carla being blackmailed by Tracy as he gets the Bistro.I remember Robert also made veiled threats to Carla about how much she could lose and think maybe he's in on the blackmail with Tracy?

Anonymous said...

I definitely think Robert is leveraging their one-night stand as a way of getting the Bistro; he's gone from being a guy with a conscience to, well, probably shouldn't use the word here!

Cobblestone said...

Yes, time for Carla to dye her hair back to full Connor raven-wing black and swat the irritating bluebottle Barlow!

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the fact that Tracy started the Victoria Court fire? Why has Carla not used that information? Are the writers keeping that in abeyance? It could be a Sword of Damocles suspended over Tracy's head, if used right.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to really care what they really plan to do with the story either way. If Carla does bring Tracy down, the writing is that repetitive that the story will just loop round with someone else (Leanne or Michelle anyone?) a few months down the line. Just like it has again since Becky left. I don't think there's any point in having Tracy on the street anymore but the writing team seem to think everybody loves her to be at the centre of stories.


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