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Thursday 11 February 2016

Yay or Nay, Should Leanne have reported Simon to the police?

On the surface of it, Simon admitted to Zeedan that he intended on hurting his friend, Kylie, and was glad of it. Kyle certainly had been winding Simon up throughout the game and Simon, in a bad mood already because he saw Leanne fliring with the team manager, lost control. We didn't see the incident and the referees and managers were bickering, taking the attention of the parents and friends watching, so they didn't see it either. Simon changed his story and insisted he didn't mean it after all but Leanne, after the year she's had dealing with Simon, reached the end of her tether and went to the police to report this and all the other incidents.

Do you think that was the right decision?

In my mind, it was the right thing to do and what *should* happen now is the police, Social Services and Simon's counsellor need to work with Simon to help him. Counselling is one important part but maybe there are additional resources that can help.

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Anonymous said...

Nay. I think he needs help but not from the police.

They said this storyline was happening because of everything that Simon's been through but I don't feel like it's about Simon. They haven't been trying to portray a child who is angry because he is damaged and scared like the poor kid would be. He is just being portrayed in a terrible light so that Leanne can cry and "make difficult decisions". Jane Danson is a great actress but all her scenes lead up to the same thing.

Anonymous said...

It seems believable that Leanne jumps the gun and calls the police. She has finally had enough . Even if she heard it second hand from Zeedan , we can understand that she thinks the worst. What I don't believe about the story is how a counsellor treating Simon didn't also require Leanne to have a joint session with her wayward son. She is the primary focus of Simon's anger. Any counsellor worth his salt would look fairly quickly into the dynamics of their relationship and his home life. As the mother, she would have been given help as to her parenting techniques for managing a boy with this kind of broken history.

John McE said...

And would Leanne really be seen by two burly male cops? Surely in a case like this at least one of them would be trained in domestic abuse and most likely be a woman.

But to answer your question, what else could she do? She's tried putting up with Simon's abuse, she is raising him on her own, so doesn't really have anyone to help her, and as she said to the police, she was worried that if she didn't do something his anger might result in something far worse.

So yes, I think she did the right thing.

Unknown said...

Q. Should Leanne have reported Simon to the police?

A. Yay, ages ago. Long past overdue.

Anonymous said...

In the same manner that one would expect a woman and her child going to the police if they were being abused ,I would say yes that Leeanne did the right thing and report Simon who was verbally and physically abusing her.
I sympathised with her heartbreak as she did so and hope she gets support from Ken who I feel has been neglecting his grandson since Deirdre died.

Anonymous said...

I wish the whole storyline had not happened - yes, I believe that abuse between a child and his mother is possible (heck David threw his mother down the stairs), but some how this isn't ringing true - surely the councilor should have seen more and advise either more intense therapy or perhaps other members on the street should have stepped in.

Anonymous said...

It feels fake to me, however the first time he hit her she should have reported it. Leanne let things go for way too long.

Anonymous said...

It feels fake to me too. Leanne claims she's trying to deal with this on her own and doesn't know what to do. What about the apparently useless counselor? If they're visiting one regularly, they don't seem to be getting Simon any help whatsoever. If the counselor can't help, why are they even going?

Anonymous said...

I would like to say she has done the right thing but I can't help thinking that she's going to regret it, meaning they'll all be back at square one.

Anonymous said...

This being a soap there will be a twist. She will call the police but it will turn out Simon was innocent in this time. He will then join the Tracy Barlow, Todd Grimshaw self-pity club. Were it real life the police would be useless at best. They are not trained to do assist. Their job is to punish, which often turns troubled first timers into hard core criminals. Right thing in terms of plot moving forward but wrong thing if it were real.

Nicolas J Evans said...

Both. Yay, as Anonymous said, right thing to do with moving the plot forward, but wrong if it were real. I do wish this storyline hadn't started though, as I remember him when he first came into the soap in 2008 and he was one of my favourite characters, because he was so cute. Now I feel that, even if the storyline smoothes out and he is OK again, this storyline has damaged the characters reputation. I just hope the storyline goes the right way.


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