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Monday 29 February 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 29 February

Monday 29th February
CARLA’S CAUGHT IN THE ACT As Nick mulls over Robert’s and Leanne’s offers, he vows to make a decision by the end of the day. Carla’s filled with dread. When Richie calls in the factory and transfers £30k to Underworld’s account as a down payment on his order, Carla’s ears prick up. Having stolen £10k from the factory account, Carla hands Tracy the cash. Tracy reminds her that she now needs to make sure Nick sells the bistro to Robert. But when Johnny confronts Carla about the missing money is the game up?
EVA’S HOUSEGUEST MAKES A RUN FOR IT Eva throws a sickie so that she can spend the day looking after Marta. Marta’s clearly not well but refuses point blank to see a doctor. When Aidan calls, Eva hides Marta while she gets rid of him. But Marta reckons she’s causing too much trouble and before Eva can stop her, she does a runner from the flat.
BETHANY’S A CAUSE FOR CONCERN Bethany fails to show up for the school parents’ evening and Gail and Sarah are shocked to discover Bethany’s been bunking off regularly.
ELSEWHERE Upset to see Izzy in so much pain, Gary promises to phone a mate and try and score some cannabis for her. Mary cajoles Erica and Liz into joining her for a girls’ night out on the town.

Monday 29th February
WILL TRACY’S DREAM COME TRUE Pointing out she’s a director of Underworld, Carla makes out she just borrowed the money. Will Johnny accept this? Meanwhile Tracy shows Robert the £10k, claiming she’s dipped into her flower shop funds. Robert’s thrilled. Tracy tells Nick they’d like to up their offer for the bistro by a further £10k. Nick confides in Carla he’d rather sell to Leanne, but Carla’s adamant he’d be foolish not to take the extra cash. Will Nick accept Carla’s advice and agree to sell the bistro to Robert?
IT’S A GIRL’S NIGHT OUT FOR ERICA Mary hits the cocktails and tries to chat up a guy at the bar. Liz and Erica suggest she reins herself in, but Mary’s on a roll. As Dev and Erica help drunken Mary into No.7, Mary points out it’s obvious they fancy each other. Dev and Erica mask their embarrassment.
SARAH TRIES TO REACH OUT TO BETHANY Bethany’s teacher explains to a shocked Sarah how many times they’ve tried to contact her about Bethany’s lack of attendance. Sarah realises Bethany must have intercepted all the letters and emails. Blaming herself for her lack of parenting skills, Sarah demands to know where Bethany’s been and why she’s been bunking off school.
ELSEWHERE With Billy’s help, Eva catches up with Marta. In the safety of the rectory, Marta explains how the O’Driscolls kept her as a slave and confiscated her passport. Billy and Eva are horrified. Izzy’s grateful when Gary arrives with some cannabis and apologises for forcing him to break the law. Gary heads home, worried about her.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sarah let Bethany skip school to go shopping with her,never questioned Bethany being Callum's 'alibi'when Jason was beaten up and left for dead and now Sarah is concerned about her daughter who's been skipping school for months?!Perhaps,instead of dating a drug dealer to spite her brother,Sarah should've been more concerned about her daughter instead!


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