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Friday 26 February 2016

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 26 February

Friday 26th February
TRACY’S PLANS ARE THWARTED Leanne confides in Ken how she wishes she could afford to buy the bistro and give Simon a secure future. Tracy meanwhile is just excited about the prospect of owning the bistro and spending the money. Ken realises with heavy heart that Tracy hasn’t given a thought to Amy’s future. Ken tells Leanne that he’s prepared to release Simon’s trust money from Deirdre so that in conjunction with a bank loan, she can buy the bistro. As Nick accepts Robert’s offer for the bistro and suggests they have contracts drawn up as soon as possible, Carla’s relieved. Robert and Tracy celebrate but Leanne arrives with Ken in tow and announces she’d like to match their offer of £90k for the bistro. Carla’s shocked and Tracy throws her a warning look.
IZZY’S OUT OF HER DEPTH Dropping Jake at the gym with gary, Izzy throws a sickie and returns to the pub to confront the lad who sold her the oregano. Fighting back the pain, Izzy begs the lad to give her the cannabis she paid for. When he refuses, Izzy threatens to call the police but the lad knocks her phone out of her hand. Izzy’s scared.
THE FUTURE OF UNDERWORLD IS IN AIDAN’S HANDS Richie O’Driscoll calls in the factory and tells Aidan if he can meet his requirements, he’ll place a huge order with Underworld. Aidan’s delighted and announces to the factory girls that they’re on the brink of closing a huge deal which would secure their jobs for the rest of the year.
ELSEWHERE Sinead’s nervous as she heads off to another modelling gig. Beth assures her she looks fabulous whilst Chesney covers his insecurities. Rana flirts with Zeedan telling him she’s flat hunting as she’ll need something local if she gets the job at the Medical Centre.

Friday 26th February
CARLA FEELS THE HEAT FROM TRACY As Tracy demands to know where Leanne got the money from, she’s incandescent to learn it’s from Ken, pointing out he refused to let her have Amy’s trust money. Downbeat Robert reckons Nick will almost certainly sell the bistro to Leanne given their history. Nick continues to deliberate the offers on the table, preferring to sell to Leanne but aware how important Robert is to the business. Tracy calls on Carla and blackmails her, demanding that she comes up with an extra £10k so she can trump Leanne’s offer or Nick finds out the truth.
THE TRUTH ABOUT IZZY BECOMES APPARENT In the pub, the lad makes a grab for Izzy’s bag but he’s distracted when a fight breaks out and Izzy makes her escape. Having called Gary, he finds Izzy scared and wracked with pain. When she admits she was trying to buy some cannabis, Gary’s shocked. Izzy opens up to Gary and explains that some days she can’t cope with the pain and cannabis is the only answer. How will Gary react?
EVA’S SURPRISED BY AN UNEXPECTED VISITOR When Aidan postpones a smaller order to make way for the O’Driscoll order, Johnny warns him that by upsetting old clients he’s playing a dangerous game. Meanwhile having found Marta lurking near the factory and in a terrible state, Eva takes her home and persuades Leanne to let her stay the night.
ELSEWHERE Gail’s pleased to bump into Michael at the gym open day and enjoys showing him the ropes. Sinead assures Chesney she’s doing the modelling for both of them to give them a better future. Steph and Andy arrive back from Jamie’s court case. Disappointed, Steph explains he only got 3 years and will be out in the blink of an eye. Alya and Rana head out to celebrate Rana’s new job.

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Tvor said...

Since restaurants fail at very high rate, how on earth is buying one going to give Simon a secure future? never mind.....

Anonymous said...

Tvor you are right about the failure rate on restaurants which is why it surprises me that Robert & Tracy could secure 90,000. note - I imagine Leanne will also be borrowing a considerable amount since I don't think Simon's portion of the inheritance is that large.

MartesBC said...

Isn't Simon being supported by the rent from the former bookies / flower shop that his lovely (not) Auntie runs? Or did his Dad completely dissolve Simon’s inheritance from Lucy in the old bookies? I had always thought Peter owned the bricks and mortar of the shop as well. Ya what another investment for Simon’s future. .of Which he is right on the door step. Yes,let's go high risk investment shall we?

Anonymous said...

Last night we wondered why anyone would choose to eat in a restaurant where there is so much arguing and fighting! Canadian episode when Beth was shouting the odds, but that was only one of many.

Anonymous said...

I had completely forgotten about Peter owning Barlow's Buys/Preston Petals - I think Tracy was to give the rent money to Leanne for Simon's upkeep - plus I presume Anna Windass, who took over the flat, is also paying rent either to Leanne or Peter. So in actual fact Leanne should have a nice stash of her own - more believable than Tracy & Robert with absolutely no assets. Obviously she is making a salary working at the Bistro (I still think that Nick gave her a share of the Bistro in their divorce) and she is sharing the flat with Eva so probably not a lot of cash outlay.

Rossie said...

Leanne burned down her last restaurant I recall!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but that was before she becoming a born-again woman - same body - new character - I think she would be great running the bistro - after all she did do it when she was with Peter and then again when Nick was recuperating from the accident - actually Leanne out front & Robert in the kitchen would be a great match, but we all know that isn't going to happen. Not with Tracy in the mix.
What I can't fathom is why do they always end the episodes with Tracy being totally toxic to Carla - they did that in the hotel - after the hotel - tonight after the bid came in from Leanne. Same old Same old.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Leanne and Nick will get back together?


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