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Wednesday 10 February 2016

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 10 February

Wednesday 10th February
LEANNE MAKES THE HARDEST DECISION OF HER LIFE Simon’s contrite as he hands Eva a birthday card. Leanne can barely look at him. Eva urges Leanne to think carefully before reporting him to the police. Tom calls at the bistro and informs Leanne that Kyle’s leg injury is very serious and he may never play football again. Devastated, Leanne reaches a decision. With heavy heart, Leanne reports Simon to the police, listing all the occasions on which he’s abused her and explaining about the latest incident involving Kyle.
ANNA DOESN’T TAKE KINDLY TO SALLY’S COUNSEL Anna calls in the garage and apologises to Kevin for her recent tantrums and suggests they wipe the slate clean. Kevin agrees and at his suggestion they join Tim and Sally for dinner. Sally bores Anna to death about her council campaign. Anna loses her temper and thrusting some cash at Kevin, stalks out of the bistro.
IZZY’S FAÇADE CRACKS IN FRONT OF ERICA When Erica clocks Izzy struggling to carry some rolls of fabric, she offers to help, but aware Izzy won’t accept charity, she suggests in return Izzy teaches her to sew. Izzy agrees on condition it remains their secret.
ELSEWHERE Still sporting an itchy rash, Beth tells Nick he owes her a free meal. As Todd proudly shows off his first bouquet, Tracy’s scathing. Todd blames her mood on Robert’s fling with Carla. When Tracy suggests to Robert they could have an afternoon lie down, Robert not interested. Tracy’s hurt whilst Todd is amused.

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MartesBC said...

Hmmmm... Teach her to sew?? Could Erica heading to the Faktry? To sew nickers? Nah. Say it ain't so:)! By the way, I think she is a better match for Johnny.

Anonymous said...

I really hope they don't put her in the Faktry with everybody else. By the way, why is she there in the first place to help Izzy? And why in heavens would she want to learn how to sew?
I can't see her with Jonny - she is a bit more of a free spirit - perhaps with that new character that is joining the street and drives a motorbike - that would be much more in keeping with her character. Certainly not Dev nor Jonny.

Anonymous said...

So glad to watch the episode tonight and see that Izzy was taking home some odd rolls that Carla had given her to sew her own clothes - that's when Erica saw her and offered to carry them home for her in return that Izzy teaches Erica to sew. Much more realistic. Sorry to the writers for jumping the gun.

Anonymous said...

Only part of this episode that rang true was Anna finally giving it to ditzy Sally and her incessant blathering about her election bid.

Cobblestone said...

Anna's crack about Sally's tee-shirts - biggest laugh I've had in weeks! I had to pause the episode until I'd calmed down.

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree there should be more scenes like the one with Anna and Sally. Best scene in a long time.


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