Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Jane Danson admits doubts over violent Simon storyline

Jane Danson, who plays Corrie's Leanne, was interviewed on ITV's This Morning this morning.  She talked about the storyline involving Simon being violent to Leanne.

Interestingly, Jane admitted that she felt that the violent Simon storyline didn't ring true for her when she first found out about it.

She says: "When it was pitched I wasn't really sure if I bought it because I thought Leanne Battersby's quite tough and she's always been a bit gobby and would she really take this from a teenager?  But then going into the storyline more you realise that he's never had support, his dad's always dipped in and out of his life and maybe they're the reason why he's turned out the way he has."

Jane says she's very proud of Alex Bain, who plays Simon. And she says that having such a bad temper on screen as Simon goes against what Alex is really like in real life as he's so nice.

You can watch her video interview here.

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1 comment:

Humpty Dumpty said...

Interesting. It's Leanne's response to Simon's outbursts that has always been the weak link in this storyline and Jane D's comments confirm it for me. I get it that Leanne is trying hard not lose control because there was a lot of that in her childhood, but she's too restrained. A believable storyline would be that she completely loses it (many parents would) and hits Simon back, her childhood instincts coming to the fore under pressure. It could go many ways after that. The character Simon desperately needs a peer in the way that Faye had Craig so he can talk about his feelings.

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