Thursday, 11 February 2016

Vote for your all-time favourite Coronation Street women

Towards the end of last year, I conducted a poll and countdown asking you for your all-time favourite Corrie males. And this is how you voted.

And now as promised, here's another poll asking you to vote for your all-time favourite Corrie females.

The poll contains 40 Corrie females from 1960 to the present day. You can vote for as many as you like plus you can enter your own names.

The poll will be open for a few weeks and then I'll count the votes and eliminate the bottom 15. I'll then do another poll and you can vote for two out of those 25. That poll will also be open for a few weeks. Then we'll do a top 25 countdown.

So here we go! Have fun voting!

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abbyk said...

Llifon, is it possible to add a question about how long we've been watching? The only folks who really remember Annie Walker, Hilda, Bet, Elsie, et al, are those who have been watching for more than 25 years. Those legends arent part of Corrie for newbies like me (fan only since 1999). It would be a shame for those characters not to get their due because they predate the viewership of the majority of blog readers.

Then again, it's a fun poll, not a science experiment.

Anonymous said...

Most of the females I ticked are from the "olden days" :-)

Anonymous said...

Where's Sarah and Bethnay?

Llifon said...

Hi abbyk.

It's always difficult with these kind of polls. But as it's multiple choice in this section then I do feel that every female has a chance.

Those names you mention are still being referred to today by fans, despite it being many years since they left. With the medium of YouTube, young viewers can get a chance to see them again.

But as it's a fun poll, we'll just go with the flow. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you also leave out Michelle for a reason? Her ego couldn't take the fact that Fizz, beth and rosie are there without her! :)

Llifon said...

That is why there is an 'other' option - you can put Michelle in if you like. Who knows - she could get more votes than those you mention.

Anonymous said...

I'm 24 but I voted for the likes of Hilda, Elsie and Ena- amongst many other 'oldies'!

Llifon said...

You are welcome to include them under 'other'. The list is endless... :)

ruth owen said...

Rita, Ena, Elsie, Hilda and one modern day one, Carla.

Lori Reeve said...

I was sad when Shelley left the street

vintgal003 said...

That was fun - thanks so much for putting that together for us!

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