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Monday 8 February 2016

Corrie's Richard Hawley confirms romance for Johnny and Jenny

Last week we brought you the news that Jenny Bradley would become friendly with Johnny Connor.  What we didn't know was how friendly the two of them would be!

This morning on ITV's Good Morning programme, Coronation Street actor Richard Hawley, who plays Johnny Connor, confirmed that Johnny and Jenny do end up together, romantically-like.

Richard admitted he was surprised by the relationship between his character and that of Jenny so-called Bradey. 

He said:  "I was surprised because I thought we might see something between Johnny and Liz. I thought we'd be good friends and perhaps something would grow but maybe a relationship is too soon for Liz.

"It's interesting what is going to happen between Johnny and Jenny. He is a sucker for vulnerability and she's getting a hard time at the factory from all the workers at the moment. He has a very vulnerable side too. So in a way, I think they are bother good for each other.

"They both want a fresh start and I think this will mark a new dawn for them."

You can watch Richard's interview at The Mirror website.

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Tvor said...

It could work. I can see how they might gravitate to each other. As he said, they're both vulnerable. their past lives won't affect each other going forwarrd. It would bring a healthy dose of conflict in, if Kate and Sophie end up together and you know Aidan will leap to the conclusion that Jenny is bad news and be all over it, being obnoxious and vile.

Humpty Dumpty said...

There's about 15 years between them so it's quite feasible that they could be a couple. He wants to protect people and she needs protecting. I still hate the way everyone has to be paired up. Apart from what Tvor says above, there will be the dynamics in the factory ie one of the bosses going out with the cleaner. Sally will be even more side-lined and I wonder if this leads up to her leaving her job. Could it be that there's a storyline coming up where Jenny influences Johnny's decision making in the business. Got to be a devious side to Jenny, otherwise it wouldn't be Corrie!

Anonymous said...

Good. At least it wasn't another go-round with Kevin, and seeing as how they both can't stand Sally, there might be some fireworks in the future!

Anonymous said...

at first I wasn't too keen if romance was involved, but I think I can see it now. They would be great together, help each other with their problems and really peeve off a few of the residents on the street. Could be good fun if it is handled properly.

abbyk said...

Ewwww. He's old enough to be her father. And he's her employer. And he's age appropriate for and has chemistry with Liz.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

abbyk,I agree with your comments about Johnny and Liz,she was good a good friend to him when he realised he is Carla's father and they do have chemistry.But Johnny and Jenny? No way!
After reading on the Mirror website that Michelle's childhood sweetheart returns and she may cheat on Steve,Corrie has become 'Connoration Street'as the Connors have taken over where the Platts left off in dominating storylines.

Newfy Pearl said...

Ken was old enough to be Deirdre's father....
Mike Baldwin was old enough to be the father of at least two of his wives...
If it irritates Sally...which I am sure it will...then it is alright with me! lol

Shan said...

While I thought Johnny and Liz was going to happen, Jenny is in her 40's and Johnny is probably around 60. The age difference isn't that far from normal. I wonder if there will be more to the story - like Jenny uses Johnny's position as factory boss to take out some revenge on Sally.

Plus, when has being the boss ever stopped anyone on Coronation Street from dating someone?

Shells said...

I really wanted Johnny and Liz!


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