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Friday 19 February 2016

New character Rana joins Coronation Street tonight

Tonight on Coronation Street, new girl Rana arrives.  She's a friend of Alya's from University who'll turn up and put a smile on Zeedan's face.

Alya and Rana meet in the Bistro where Rana entertains Alya with stories of her travel.

She also flirts with Zeedan - who’s clearly smitten with his sister's friend.

It’s not long before Rana gets herself a job at the medical centre.

Rana is played by Lancashire born actress Bhavna Limbachia who’s previously had roles in Citizen Khan and Cuffs.

Talking about her new role Bhavna said: "I'm absolutely thrilled to be joining the show. Being a proud Northerner - it's a dream come true!"

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Anonymous said...

Much as I love Corrie, the number of characters who work or gain employment within spitting distance of the the street is just damn stupid. How can we believe in wider Weatherfield when everything is shown to happen within just Coronation, Rosamund, Viaduct and Victoria Streets? When the programme began, every character except for Jack & Annie, Florrie, Christine and Ena worked, or had worked, away from the Street. This led to all sorts of storylines about people's employments that the team are just closing off to themselves now. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, this has been bugging me for ages. Not only is there always a convenient, previously unmentioned, vacancy, but folk walk into jobs ( no other candidates either) with no qualifications. When did Jason train as a builder? Does he have any professional certificates? I certainly wouldn't let him loose on my house. Nor did we ever see any evidence of David going to hairdressing college, and Zeedan seems to have become a chef in the bistro overnight.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21.47, I agree with you completely! As much as I love the show some things drive me crazy. Like you said - we never saw David or Jason receive any proper training. Did Tyronne ever receive any proper training? It is an insult to anyone who has trained properly for those professions. Chefs, Hairdressers, Mechanics and whatever Jason is supposed to be go to college, or become apprentices to learn their trade. But not on Corrie. It never ceases to amaze me how people get hired on Corrie - for example Rita asks Aidan any jobs going at the factory - yeah I need a cleaner - bingo she is hired - no interview, no resume, no references. Also we have Tracy supposedly a florist as far I remember she worked in a Florist's probably answering the phone she had no formal training either. How is she remotely qualified to own and run a business?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Todd would stick around at the florists either, he'd be doing agency work in a Manchester office.

Anonymous said...

I thought Rana was introduced to be a new friend for Zeedan, but last night it looked as if she was more interested in flirting with Andy - I guess this is going to be the lead into causing friction between Andy & Steph - they are about the only other couple on the street without problems (for now that is)

Anonymous said...

So...we must suspend disbelief for an hour or so....that's what soaps are.


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