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Monday 15 February 2016

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 15 February

Having thought that Sally was stuck between a rock and a hard place having to choose between Mary and Norris for campaign manager, after Ken ducked out, it seems hat Norris’s ideas are not too bad. Sally, he suggests should be seen as wife and mother, relaxing in the conservatory waiting for her husband to come home. Her husband, being the wonderful Tim, a real man of the people is struggling being Bill Clinton to Sally’s Hilary, but in reality he is her best asset. Anna spots him hiding with his newspaper held high avoiding detection by Sally. 

It’s good to see Eva in a more serious compassionate role, not just concerned with her appearance and going out, but keen to track down Marta. She is ringing round to try to locate her, but unfortunately she is having no luck.  This side of her character makes Eva a more rounded person, by portraying her compassionate side. In fairness to Eva she is a good support for Leanne too, in being a rational voice concerning Simon. Aidan notices it too and she tells him that she does indeed care about her hair and nails and shoes but that she is also ‘a multitasking Renaissance woman.’

Once it is agreed that Simon will go and stay with his dad, Eva arrives at Ken’s to support Leanne and to give Simon a hug and she also encourages Simon to hug Leanne but that doesn’t happen. Leanne is in pieces and says of herself that Simon ‘needs support not being dobbed in to the police by his own mother.’ I have to say I’m a little concerned for Ken driving down tonight to take Simon to his dad’s.  Ken is no spring chicken and it could well be a bit too much for him.

Robert is booking a suite for Tracy and him to stay overnight at the wedding fayre. Tracy is on high alert for any suggestion that he is deceiving her. Carla and Michelle arrive, and Tracy is convinced that Robert and Carla are planning on somehow getting together. Instead Tracy uses the opportunity to trap Carla in her room and bully and threaten her. Carla is clearly in pain but Tracy being Tracy refuses to allow her to have her painkillers.

‘I know you slept together!’ shouts Tracy.

‘That’s not true!’ replies Carla.

‘Liar!’ yells Tracy and reveals that she heard everything as she was hiding in the bistro kitchen on the day of the power cut.

‘I want to know why you slept together,’ demands Tracy. Carla explains that she had just found out about Johnny, Robert had split from Tracy and that they were there at the same time and in the same place. Tracy makes it clear that she can ruin Carla’s relationship with Nick and so along with the pain of the physical injury she now has to deal with Tracy’s threat. Tracy asks Carla, ‘Do you know what I’d like to see? Nick’s face when he finds out that you slept with his chef.’ Fortunately, Michelle arrives in the room and Robert phones asking where Tracy is. Carla’s current bout of torture Tracy style, is over. But, as she tells Michelle, ‘She can destroy my life just like that.’

Sally was highly entertaining asking people if they think it would be a good idea to make hanging baskets compulsory along with tidy gardens. Quizzing Steph and Andy as to whether they are planning to have children is much too intrusive for a potential politician. But this is Sally and it seems nothing is off the table. Steph tells Sally that they ‘came in here for a quiet drink not an episode of Question Time.’

Phelan may be unpopular with some on the cobbles but Eileen is very pleased with him because he is fixing her kitchen cupboards. Michael is more than a little put out on arriving home with chips only to discover Phelan at work. Michael swears he was going to do the job the moment he has sorted out his tool bag.

Sinead is nervous about the modelling but Auntie Beth is super keen for her niece to have her photograph taken. Chesney is less than enthusiastic, though.

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Anonymous said...

So Simon is going to visit Peter. Hopefully he will stay there and that will be the end of this ridiculous storyline!

Roni said...

I hope Sinead gets paid big bucks for the modelling and then she quits the factory and opens a health store so that she could sell her home made soaps. Corrie needs a health shop on the street and Sinead being into all things healthy was the best part of her when she first appeared.

Ruth owen said...

What a great idea Roni!

Tvor said...

I clearly remember Tracy saying on Friday's episodes that she and Robert were going to stay overnight yet Robert is booking the room today as a surprise. Tsk.


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