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Saturday 20 February 2016

Corrie weekly update - February 20th 2016

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Tracy blackmails Carla this week when she holds her hostage in a hotel room at a wedding fayre.  Hang on, let me backtrack a bit.  There’s a wedding fayre in a posh hotel and Tracy has a stall advertising Preston’s Petals. Robert goes with her and books the wedding suite for a night of how’s-your-father.  Unknown to them both, Carla and Michelle are at the wedding fayre too and plan to stay overnight. 

When Tracy finds out that Carla’s there, she puts two and two together and gets her sums wrong again. She bundles Carla into a hotel room and withholds her painkillers from her, telling her she knows about her afternoon delight with Robert at the casino weeks ago. Carla doesn’t deny it, she’s in too much pain to do anything more than give in to whatever Tracy demands.  So when Tracy tells Carla she wants her to move out of Weatherfield otherwise she’ll tell Nick that Carla cheated on him, Carla nods and says yes. This isn’t the Carla we all know and some of us love. This isn’t the Carla who started out on the Street 10 years ago.  And this isn’t a fan who is enjoying this storyline.

“Smile and taste the flippin’ soup!” is Sally’s advice to Tim when she organises a photoshoot for her campaign to become Councillor Metcalfe. Poor Tim does what he’s told, but it’s a step too far when Sally announces to all and sundry (except, oddly to the only person who works there - Eileen) that she’s bought Lloyd’s share of Streetcars and installs Tim there instead. “I’m not a thinker, I’m a drinker,” Tim tells Sally, but his words fall on deaf ears as the sound of success in Sally’s ears roar on. When Norris falls foul of her for sending a letter to the Weatherfield Gazette in her name without telling her, Sally sacks him as her campaign manager. Norris retaliates by telling her he’s going to stand for councillor himself.

Ken drives Simon down to Portsmouth this week, taking the lad to stay with his dad for half-term.  This gives everyone a bit of breathing space and puts a smile on Leanne’s face.

Over at Eileen’s, Michael’s put out that Phelan’s in the kitchen putting Eileen’s cupboards straight.  He’s even less pleased when Phelan starts calling him ‘Mike’.

But Phelan has more to contend with when Anna is incensed to find out that he’s staying on the Street and working for Jason who’s got a new building contract. So incensed is she that she smashes up the windscreen on Phelan’s van and then attacks him in the Street. It’s a full-on attack, Anna goes nuts and Kev wonders what he’s got himself into.

At Underworld, Sinead does her first modelling job. She’s picked for the shoot because she represents “real women”. That’s why she’s done up looking like a doll, then? I found this rather creepy.

And finally this week Alya’s friend Rana arrives. She’s all hair, innuendo and tight trousers; one of those characters who will take a while before she’ll settle down.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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This week’s writers were Joe Turner (Monday double); Mark Wadlow (Wednesday); Jonathan Harvey and Jan McVerry (Friday double).  Find out all about the Coronation Street writing team at

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John McE said...

Has there ever been worse acting in Corrie than Anna losing it in last night's episode. I cringed throughout.

And please let Sinead's new career be so successful that she leaves the street permanently - I cannot stand her constant "perky" nature. But it's pretty obvious it is simply to cause problems with her and Chesney.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Anna's performance last night was cringe worthy. And she made Craig agree not to breathe a word to Faye, yeah right, like nobody else on the street won't tell her - actually where is Faye? We haven't seen her on screen in ages. I guess she is holed up in the cupboard. I was surprised that Jonathan Harvey was the writer in last night's first ep - he is usually much more creative and insightful that what we saw last night.

Tvor said...

Yep, I found Sinead's little girl look while modelling grown up lingerie to be uncomfortable at the least and just wrong. The only thing I enjoyed about Anna's meltdown was David's reaction.

Anonymous said...

David did the same thing a couple of years back...Becky smashed up the Barlow's living room both of those scenes were laughable so why not have Anna go at it? Somebody needs to lock down the street - bunch of nutters.


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