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Monday 8 February 2016

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 8 February

 Tonight’s episodes are dominated by Simon - his growing aggression and sheer rudeness. It begins with Simon’s homework diary. He hasn’t done his homework and says he’ll do it on the bus. Leanne asks him what it is and he tells her he has to choose a country beginning with V and write about it. Leanne gets out her laptop, gathers together details about Venezuela, only to be told that he has now changed his mind and is doing the Virgin Islands.

To be supportive Leanne tells Simon that she will come to watch his football match after school. Simon. though is embarrassed that Leanne is trying to unravel his football boots when a member of the opposition team ridicules him. ‘His mum still ties his shoe laces.’ As the boys play football Tom and Leanne resume their chat. He tells Leanne that he is separated and Leanne reports that she is divorced – so they can n ow go ahead, except that trouble is brewing. ‘Your mum - flirting at a kids’ football match. Can she sink any lower?’ Simon is becoming increasingly wound up and says to Leanne, ‘Are you really that desperate? My manager at my first match!’ As the match progresses Simon kicks the manager’s son and leaves him wailing on the floor. Maybe the boy has a broken leg. An ambulance is called and off goes the injured player, whose dad tells Leanne that she hasn’t heard the last of it.

Simon claims that it was an accident though clearly Leanne is suspicious. After the match and getting out of Ken’s car, Simon is in a fury and he hits Ken’s car with his sports bag, then runs off with Zeedan in hot pursuit. Finally, Simon is found and he tells Zeedan that he did intend to hurt the other player.

Leanne tells Ken that ‘the counselling isn’t working’ which seems self-evident. When Zeedan catches up with Leanne he tells her that Simon confessed that he did indeed try to hurt the boy and that he was glad he had hurt him. Leanne decides that she should report him to the police. But why is she not contacting Peter Barlow, Simon’s father, and telling him that he should come right now and deal with Simon, his son?

Phelan sabotaged a fuse box in the new garage, thereby ensuring that the job would last longer. Anna, who was sweeping outside Roy’s Rolls, conveniently, overheard Phelan on the phone, touting for work. She is convinced that Phelan did sabotage the fuse box but is treated as being on the verge of lunacy by Kevin and others. She flounces out of the pub and Eileen says to Kevin, ‘You can’t half pick ‘em. First Jenny Bradley, then her.’ Back at home Anna is sinking the best part of a bottle of wine. Gary tells her to stop getting so upset about it all and Kevin calls round to say the same thing.

Jenny finds an unlikely friend in the Bistro. Perhaps recognising a troubled soul, similar to his own after the Carla – daughter revelation, Johnny buys Jenny a drink. They get along well and Jenny is chuffed that someone besides Rita is treating her as a reasonable human being.

Kind hearted Eva arrives at work early and has provisions for Marta. Fearing discovery, when someone hears ‘a mouse’ and the women in the factory scream in a ridiculous manner, Marta makes a run for it, but in the ensuing chaos Izzy is knocked over and her hip is dislocated.

Eva invites Aidan to the Bistro to explain what has been going on with Marta and how she has escaped from the people who were keeping her as a slave.  I like these two together, Eva and Aidan, and hope that in time something develops between them. Besides, who could resist a woman who can sing Big Spender in the way Eva did?

There was a rather strange interlude tonight where David is really up against it in the salon and Gail turns up for no other reason than to say that Kylie wants to know what to give the children for tea. David quite reasonably points out that between them, Gail and Kylie could surely deal with that little problem.

Then there was Beth, who, by her own admission was looking ‘piggin’ gorgeous’ on entering the Bistro but then came out in quite a dramatic rash. Supposedly, the suggestion is that it is a food allergy or some sort of allergy. ‘Don’t look at me, I’m a monster,’ she warns.
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Anonymous said...

I really did not like Simon & Anna in tonight's episode - both very miserable, nasty people - I hope they don't drag either storyline out much longer because it really is not worth watching. They should ship Simon off to stay with his father and maybe Anna, Gary & Faye can go and stay with Eddie in Germany. Either way it would be great to see the back of all of them.
I did like the scene between Jenny & Jonny (almost sounds like a children's rhyme) they are great together and much needed relief from all the other misery around them.
I'm not too sure about Aidan - I thought he had much better manners than what he has been showing lately. There were one or two lines that I would have ditched him for what he said to Eva. He's darn lucky she is still talking to him. That woman has lots of patience.

Anonymous said...

We can all appreciate that stress and anxiety cause people to do strange and bad things, but as per usual Corrie has taken it to outrageous proportions. Simon and Anna have both become extremely unsympathetic characters whose stories could otherwise be interesting (if written properly).

Beth said...

Grrr Eileen - From someone who came to the street full of life and character with lots of humour, she's turned into a nasty, hateful, judgmental character.

She's blatantly living in the street with Gail's husband. It's not that they had been separated long - heck they'd only been married 5 minutes not even giving then a chance to even reconcile before she got her claws in him.

Who could forget her relationship with the fireman and his wife suffering from Alzheimers. She was determined to get her man no matter the cost and the ridiculous nature that his wife was living with them under the same roof.

She was vicious towards Tyrone when he was being abused. Even towards Fizz when she stood up for him, making them much bigger people for forgiving her when the truth came out.

Her barbed comments are nasty and uncalled for - her comments to Kevin from across the bar were non of her business in tonight's episode. Telling him he could 'certainly pick 'em'.

I used to love her when she first arrived and the years following. She was funny and bounced well off other characters. Now that's all she brings is bitterness and seems to bring down every scene she's in.

She's never been on my list of characters I'd like to see leave but after last night, she's top of my list.

Phew - rant over.... :)

abbyk said...

Normally I don't care one way or the other about Izzy, but the way she was treated by her coworkers was horrible. They're all gawking about the brown coat and whatnot but nobody called an ambulance. Are we really to believe that Izzy can reset a dislocated hip on her own? And what about her expensive wheelchair, did it also fall onto the cement floor? Even if they weren't friends, Aidan or Johnny should have taken some action for no other reason than it was a workplace injury. Horrible!

Simon is turning into a psychopath. Time for Peter to return even if he has to have a new face, no normal person would let this happen to their kid. If Peter's too unwell, then maybe it's time for residential treatment.

No cc TV at the worksite? Really???

It was a kinda crummy day at work, capped off with a kinda crummy pair of episodes. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Beth (mostly) - only difference is I've never liked Eileen right from the get go, she is and always has been an awful character.

Diane said...

Im actually one of the few that like Eileen. I totally dislike the wimpering Michael and if anyone should be blamed for Eileen dating a married man, its Gail.
She lied almost throughout their entire marriage and even went along with the Andy/Gavin mess, robbing him with the chance to know his son in his last weeks/months.
Granted, Gavin wanted nothing to do with him but she didnt even give him the chance to go to his funeral or grieve with family.
Michaels no prize himself, but I dont know many people who would forgive that, so why should he?
Eileen was single and she dated a man. the only ones who I feel should have a finger pointed at them is Michaels and (mostly) Gail. Eileen never liked Gail and vice versa, I dont see why the writers would start making them take eachothers feelings into consideration now...
But I do feel its time for the divorce papers to be signed. So sick of Gails pathetic eyelash batting and baby talk everytime he walks by.

Anonymous said...

Diane,I also liked Eileen until she dated Paul who was married with an ill wife and practically danced on Leslie's grave even though it was due to her neglect which led to Leslie's death.
It's funny that you mentioned Michael not being able to forgive Gail but yet he had no problem forgiving Andy who started the whole mess posing as Gavin in the first place thus committing identity fraud even after the real Gavin died.
Granted Gail should've told Michael but she was concerned about what the shock of the truth would do to him as he was suffering a heart condition at the time.As she did with Paul who was also vulnerable,Eileen took advantage of Michael to spite Gail.

Llifon said...

Loved the salon scenes with the customers. Is it Beth's new colour that has caused the allergy?


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