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Sunday 21 February 2016

First-look pics: Erica and Dev snog in Coronation Street

Here are some sneak preview pictures from the episode of Coronation Street to be shown on Wednesday 2 March 2016.

Mary tells Erica it’s obvious she and Dev fancy each other and should stop pussy-footing about.

When Dev shows off his new date, Karen from the Golf Club to Liz, she and Mary form a plan to scupper his evening.

Introducing herself as Dev’s nanny, Mary tells Karen she’s just one in a long line of girlfriends as Dev is such a womaniser.

As Karen leaves horrified, Erica approaches dressed to the nines and kisses him on the lips.

What do you think about Erica and Dev getting together? 

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Unknown said...

Hmmmmm I'll give it a chance but I'm sceptical

Unknown said...

Dev you old dog !!!

Anonymous said...

It's a bit reminiscent of how Anna pretended to be one of Kevin's conquests in order to get rid of that weird needy woman he was dating, and that was only a short while ago!

MartesBC said...

Could be good for some spice and comedy at the long as she doesn't move into Dev's over furnished house! Erica needs to keep her own pad for sure.

Anonymous said...

as if we didn't see that one coming - they always have to pair off corrie characters even if they aren't suited for each other. Boring. Same storyline as Kevin & Anna.

Anonymous said...

I like the pairing of Erica and Dev and think she's would be better with him rather than Nick.As a bonus she and Mary are good friends and if Dev ever hurt Erica,he would have Mary to deal with too!

Roni said...

More believable than Julie and Dev. Erica has more "umph" and can put up with Dev's idiocy and put him in his place. Could be another awesome couple match like Sally and Tim.
Kevin do not take Anna back! Jenny was better with him but she deserves someone who will take care of her and put her first.
Jonny and Liz would be a good match.
And Mary needs someone like Brian.
Izzy and Gary should just get back together.
Gail and Michael should go to marriage councilling.
Sarah should hook up with Jason so they can leave together.
Alya should just leave the street and get a better job in London.
Norris and Rita should finally admit that they are madly in love and get it on.
Sophie should go visit Rosie in London.
Did I miss anyone?

Anonymous said...

actually I prefer Jenny & Jonny - he is at least mature enough to realize what she has been through and what she may need in the future - rather than just feeling guilty all the time.
Kevin - leave him single for awhile and concentrate on raising his son and opening his new extended garage
Anna should just take Gary and Faye to live in Germany with Eddie
Liz maybe with that new fellow that is supposed to be joining the street
Gail & Michael maybe - certainly not Eileen & Michael
perhaps Eileen & Pat
Sarah & Bethany leave with Jason
Alya finds a super job in London
Maybe even Sophie moves to London to stay with Rosie now that she is a high powered business woman with a clipboard
Eva & Aidan defo
Kate not sure, but please don't pair her with Sophie - enough of her already
Norris & Rita - no way - would love to see Dennis come back and sweep her off her feet
same with Audrey - have Lewis come back and sweep her off her feet
I guess I'm just a true romantic at heart.

Louby said...

I'd love to see Beth and Kirk have a baby. Imagine, woman on Corrie has baby with man she's married to! I'd also really like to see Gail do something meaningful with her life that doesn't involve a man, or fussing around her family.

Anonymous said...

Dev with anyone is gross, but especially with Erica. She could do so much better. Other people that are too gross to pair up include Gail, Eileen, Kevin, Michael, Liz and Nick


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