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Saturday 20 February 2016

Top 5 reasons I love Coronation Street

Guest blog post from Rachel Hawkins.  
Rachel's website is here and she's on twitter at @Our_Rach
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"Coronation Street.  It’s an institution isn’t it?  The longest running soap in British history has had legions of loyal fans ever since its debut back in 1960.  It’s the one and only soap my mum never misses and one that’s had me captivated since I began watching it as a child.

I’ve had a love / hate relationship with numerous soaps over the years, when I was growing up I was a fully-fledged Soap Opera obsessive (my first e-mail address was soapqueen86 – cringe). 

However, I fell out of love with EastEnders back in 2013 and I ditched the Australian soaps in the early noughties but Coronation Street is the one soap I’ve always enjoyed watching.

With this in mind, I thought I’d compile a list of the reasons why Coronation Street is a winner for me and why I believe its popularity shows no sign of waning despite it being in its 56th year of production.

5. Scriptwriting 
Corrie has been exceptionally lucky with its scriptwriting team over the years.  Some of the lines that have been delivered by the actors are nothing short of genius.  Take Mary Taylor for example, the somewhat unlucky in love, exactly how old is she lodger of Dev’s.  Whoever writes her lines is a comedic marvel.  “I just mated your husband….twice” while discussing a chess match between herself and Roy Cropper.  “Mother wouldn’t even eat a banana in public” she recently informed Michelle and Erica.  The timing in which lines are delivered is superb.   I’ve always admired scriptwriters of TV shows, especially those that work on soaps.  The continuity is so paramount and Coronation Street always ensure they’re consistent with this. 

4. Humour

As aforementioned, we’re often treated to some incredibly funny lines by Coronation Street.  Kudos to the scriptwriting team for their efforts here but of course we also have to thank the many talented actors and actresses who deliver their lines with ultimate precision.  Steve McDonald is a Corrie fave amongst most, including myself.  Simon Gregson who plays Steve McDonald has the incredible ability of delivering some of the most side-splitting lines in the most deadpan way.  Who can forget Blanche, Deidre’s quick off the mark Mother.  Another fantastic Corrie character who had some of the most hilarious scenes during her Coronation Street tenure.   If I’m honest, there’s too many amazingly witty characters to mention.  They’re all fabulous!  I love Northern humour, Phoenix Nights for example is one of my favourite Comedy shows of all time, and for me Coronation Street embodies Northern humour perfectly.

3. Characterisation 

So many characters have come and gone over the last 65 years.  We’ve welcomed them into our homes, got to know them and often fallen in love with many of them too.  It’s always sad when a Corrie fave decides to leave, I’m still reeling from Alison King’s decision to say goodbye to Carla Connor after a decade of playing the feisty but totally lovable character.  I adore Carla.  If I could be anyone in the soap world it would be her.  Coronation Street hit the jackpot with Alison King, she’s been such an asset to the soap.  Michelle Keegan was another actress who helped us to fall in love with her character Tina McIntyre, she definitely left a void when she departed 3 years ago. 
Of course, there’s the characters so many of us love to hate.  Norris Cole perhaps? Despite his obnoxious and often offensive ways, I can’t help but love the character. In actual fact, I’m hard pushed to find many characters I loathe; Tracy Barlow at a push perhaps, but I have to admit, I almost felt sorry for her when Robert dumped her so publically towards the end of 2015.  I’m interested to see how the Phelan and Anna storyline progresses, isn’t he vile?  Lovely bloke in real life but an absolute rotter in the show itself.

2. Easy watching 

For many, Corrie is a way of escapism.  7:30pm comes, the kettle goes on, you make yourself comfy on your sofa, potentially with your snack of choice in hand and you know you’re in for 30 minutes (or sometimes an hour if you’re lucky) of entertainment.  A time for you to potentially forget what might be troubling you and immerse yourself in some drama and some hilarity.  Watching Corrie never feels like a chore like I often used to find with a couple of soaps I watched in the past.

1. Bold decisions
From deciding to attempt live episodes featuring epic stunts through to casting ex popstars into acting roles, never let it be said that the producers at Coronation Street shy away from making bold and perhaps sometimes unpopular decisions.  Some risks have paid off (Shayne Ward), others not so (Sarah Harding anyone?).  I applaud Coronation Street for this.  The transition from musician to actor can’t be easy and soaps are often criticised for introducing popstars into the fray.  Corrie know what they’re doing and if something doesn’t work, they hold their hands up and admit their mistakes. 

By guest blogger Rachel Hawkins.  
Rachel's website is here and she's on twitter at @Our_Rach

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Tvor said...

Lovely post. I agree with so much of it. While there are storylines that fall flat for me, the writing itself usually shines with the actors delivering it with skill. I would never give up the show even if at times some of the storylines are a struggle for me.

Anonymous said...

Great read - just one nit-picky thing. The Archers is the longest running soap - Corrie is the longest running TV soap.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Quite true, Anonymous at 22.11, and Archers fans are just as critical of their beloved soap as Corrie fans. It all goes back to the parent yelling at the child but insisting they only do it because they love them! It's good to read a list of Corrie's good points, Rachel; I'm inclined to take them for granted. I wouldn't consciously give up on Corrie either but I can find myself drifting away.

vintgal003 said...

Rachel ~ very much agree with your take on 'the street'...... When the clock turns 7:30 pm my husband..puppy and I turn to the cobbles and 'enjoy' it...always have since 1987.....thank you for your thoughts...much appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Used to watch every episode now I read this blog and watch - on average - two episodes a week. I find that's enough.


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