Friday, 26 February 2016

Coronation Street - the women who got away

Our poll for you to vote for your favourite all-time Corrie females is still open and you can vote here.

The poll closes on 29th February and the countdown begins the following week.

But who were the women who didn't make it into the top 25, as voted for by you?  Here are the ones who didn't make the cut along with the number of votes they received.

124 votes
Eileen Grimshaw

112 votes
Julie Carp

110 votes
Gail Rodwell

100 votes
Tracy Barlow; Beth Sutherland

93 votes
Tina McIntyre

89 votes
Anna Windass

87 votes
Fiz Stape
83 votes
Phyllis Pearce; Sophie Webster

81 votes
Janice Battersby

59 votes
Minnie Caldwell
44 votes
Cilla Battersby-Brown; Ivy Brennan

40 votes
Rosie Webster

21 votes
Michelle Connor

5 votes
Shelley Unwin

4 votes
Erica Holroyd; Steph Britton; Maria Connor

3 votes
Jenny Bradley; Martha Longhurst; Sarah Platt

2 votes
Lucille Hewitt; Toyah Battersby; Renee Roberts; Ida Barlow; Violet Wilson; Frankie Baldwin; Sian Powers; Amy Barlow; Sinead Tinker; Maxine Peacock

1 vote
Stella Price; Kate Connor; Angie Freeman; Maureen Holdsworth; Bev Unwin; Sylvia Goodwin; Judy Mallett; Maddie Heath; Bethany Platt; Sharon Gaskell; Suzie Birchall; Linda Cheveski

by Llifon

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Anonymous said...

Michelle is exactly where she should be - out of contention!

Anonymous said...

Who in their right mind votes for tracy barlow? Seriously?

John McE said...

Stella Price got a vote? I guess Michelle Collins must be a visitor to these pages! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I thought you said Gail didn't get enough votes

Anonymous said...

I thought you said Gail didn't get enough votes

Anonymous said...

Gail didn't get enough votes, this is the 'losers' list! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad Eileen didn't get through. That would've been a travesty.

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