Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Izzy gets attacked by drug dealer in Coronation Street

Poor Izzy. She's one of my favourite Coronation Street characters played by one of my favourite Corrie actors. But she's not going to have a happy ending any time soon.

As well as being in pain after the accident in Underworld, and turning to cannabis for pain relief, Izzy will be attacked next week too.

Inside Soap magazine reveal that Izzy goes on the hunt for more cannabis and ends up in a dodgy pub with some dodgy people.  The dealer who sells the drugs to Izzy sells her oregano rather than cannabis. When Izzy realises what's happened she threatens to call the cops and that's when things turn nasty.

The dealer makes a grab for Izzy's bag and phone and he's just about to attack her when another fight breaks out in the pub and distracts him.

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Joseph Billington said...

Isn't that the same pub Callum freqented?

Anonymous said...

This story is ridiculous on many levels. I must have missed something but we seemed to move from conventional medical treatment to cannabis at lightening speed - did Izzy even see a doctor for her allegedly dislocated leg? Now not only is Izzy willing to partake in illegal drugs for pain relief but blindly trundles down to some local dive to get them - all by herself, in a wheelchair. Then, when the deal goes bad she threatens to call the cops because someone she wanted to buy illegal drugs from sold her oregano instead? Yes, the cops will be round straight away to take your statement.

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