Monday, 22 February 2016

Sherrie Hewson to star in Are You Being Served?

Sherrie Hewson, who played Maureen Holdsworth in Coronation Street, will be starring in the new one-off episode of Are You Being Served?.

The sitcom hit created by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft is to return this summer for a one-off special. However, if the special proves popular with audiences, a full series could follow.
It will be written by Benidorm creator Derren Litten.

BAFTA-winner Jason Watkins (Trollied) is to star in the programme as Mr Humphries, the camp character made famous by John Inman. Sherrie Hewson (Benidorm) will take over as Mollie Sugden's Mrs Slocombe.

The BBC say: "It's 1988 and Young Mr Grace is determined to drag Grace Brothers into, well 1988, but he has a problem on his hands.

Roy Barraclough, who played Coronation Street's Alec Gilroy will also join the cast as Mr Grainger.

"Mr Humphries, Captain Peacock, Mr Rumbold and Mrs Slocombe all seem to be stuck in another era. A new member of staff, Mr Conway, joins the team but will he help shake things up or will he just put a pussy amongst the pigeons?"

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MichaelAdamsUk said...

Great news - can't wait for its return.

Louby said...

I would have loved to see Anthony Cotton as Mr Humphreys!

John Berry said...

Roy Barraclough (Alec Gilroy) will also be in it

Anonymous said...


Cobblestone said...

It's brilliant casting, but, sorry, I think this is a terrible idea! I loved the show when I was a kid, but I just can't see it working today. Comedy has evolved (and I've grown up!) since then. It would need a radical reimagining, but it doesn't seem to be going to get it. I mean I'm sure there's a place for a new comedy set in a department store, but it would need to be in such a different style. Endless sniggers over Mrs Slocomb's pussy is not going to cut it any more; and the stereotypical mincing of a Mr Humphreys will be pretty offensive by today's standards.

Beth said...

Cobblestone I tend to agree with you, however the stereotypical mincing of the Mr Humphreys character seems to be working for Anthony Cotton as Sean. He's getting flouncier as he's getting older, even more so lately. If he as a gay man isn't offended as he's chosen to play it like that (as he's not like that in real life) then who will be offended? He's making a career out of acting like Mr Humphreys, just in a different show.

Pippa Dee said...

I agree with Cobblestone, this is a terrible idea. Very dated comedy, it will not work in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

What next - Love Thy Neighbour? No, because that would go down like a lead balloon too.

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