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Tuesday 9 February 2016

Guess which Coronation Street woman buys a share in Streetcars?

There's a little snippet in this week's fab Inside Soap magazine that suggests Streetcars is going to start playing more of a role in Coronation Street.  Since Lloyd left and Steve's in Spain, Streetcars hasn't been seen as often as it used to be.  Well, that might just be about to change.

Inside Soap reveals that Sally Webster is going to buy a share in the Coronation Street cab firm.  Yup, Sally Webster.  No, I don't know where she'll get the money from, either.

It comes about when Sally takes on Norris as her political campaign manager instead of Ken. Norris decides to write to the Weatherfield Gazette complaining about the opening of a new Frescho store. The problem is, he doesn't tell Sally what he's done, in her name.

Calling Tim and Norris into the Streetcars office, Sally announces that she's bought into the cab firm - so that Tim can run it!

However, Norris has another shock for Sally when he surprises her with a big announcement of his own. I wonder what it is?

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Sally get half of Kevin's lottery winnings? I expect she uses the money from that.

Anonymous said...

So Sally will be Tim's boss at Streetcars too? Poor Tim lol

Zagg said...

She won tons of money in that lottery win with Kevin. Sally is a sensible woman, for sure she would have lots of it left. This could be interesting.

Tvor said...

I imagine she still has the lottery money and this would likely be a good investment. Steve will not be happy that she's his partner and whoah, she'll be Eileen's boss!!!!! I can see Tim happy enough to drive a cab but i can't see him very happy to be "boss" of the place.

Anonymous said...

I hate to point this out, but the previews this morning on for next week stated that she bought half of Streetcars for Tim so she could come across as being a small business owner for her Council run. Naturally Tim wants nothing to do with being cooped up in a small cab office. He would much rather wash windows on his schedule. So Inside Soap didn't have the scoop on this one - did, but I would imagine that it does all come from ITV in the first place. I just like to brag about your sister site.

Anonymous said...

It would make more sense for Eileen to buy into Streetcars not Sally!

Anonymous said...

I too think it would make more sense for Eileen to buy into the cab office.
Anyway , how can this come about with both Steve and Lloyd out of the picture ?

vintgal003 said...

ummmmm *interesting* twists here....Well Sally is certainly 'expanding-her-horizons' of late.... Council woman in running and now business partner!! Well done Sal!! Should make for some fun times in the cab office with Tim in charge and Norris as Sal's campaign manager...can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

How would Eileen buy into Streetcars? She hasn't got a pot to p*ss in!

MartesBC said...

Oh, this is going to be fun! And good bye ratty chair. One sniff of a photo opp and out it goes! Great character and situation development for Sally so that she had a post election pass time and of course a setting for Tim.

Ancient corrier said...

Don't you mean Sally ' Metcalfe' she's married to Tim.


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