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Monday 29 February 2016

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 29 February 2016

Good to see Audrey and Yasmeen in the gym, and not just lycra -clad 20 somethings. What was hard to grasp was the reason why Yasmeen had decided to set Gail's machine to a higher resistance level. Was it spite, an attempt at humour? Gail seemed genuinely exhausted and even had to stay at home when she had been looking forward to going to Bethany's school's parents' evening. David turns up instead and it is discovered that Bethany has been truanting, claiming that she has been attending bereavement sessions after the death of great grandma Audrey. Audrey is very much alive and by her own admission feeling 20 years younger. Good. We need her around.

So - this Parents' Evening. I've been to more than I care to remember and in all that time I have never seen one so quiet with no other parents milling around and never have I seem a teacher with that much time to give to the concerns of one individual pupil.  .

The Marta story has been a slow burn, but it gathers pace now.  She is staying with Eva and as Leanne says, Eva should leave Marta's care to the professionals. Eva having pulled a sickie, Aidan turns up to see how Eva is, or that is what he claims. Grapes, chocolates and magazines should be enough to bribe her to accompany him to the O'Driscolls on Wednesday night for dinner. The O'Driscolls have just transferred £30 grand to the Underworld account of which which Carla immediately transfers £10k to her own personal account. Johnny asks her about this and Carla has nowhere to go. It is worth noting just how close the two of them have become, but it is hard to remember when the thaw happened. Likewise with Aidan. Sadly, these happenings weaken the suspension of disbelief. An audience needs to understand and have explanations. Otherwise it simply does not convince, therefore does not work. At worst, an audience can feel cheated or taken for fools.

Marta runs off but is caught by Billy as Eva chases her. It eventually come out that the O'Driscolls, the smooth talking, attractive couple have been holding Marta captive, as a slave, and that they have stolen her passport. Wednesday night will give Eva the opportunity to search for the passport, though she may have to come up with a reason as to why she is roaming round the house.

Mary suggests a girls' night out. Despite it being Monday, she persuades Erica and Liz to join in. 'Check your phones. I'll be sending details later.'   The plan is to go into town but the evening ends after a few white Russians have been imbibed. Mary wants another white Russian but this time she demands certain particulars. The white Russian she wants should be male, 6feet 2 inches, with steely blue eyes like Tom Courtenay in Doctor Zhivago. Mary thinks the guy in the burgundy pullover is eying her up but it is Erica who he is interested in. That said, Mary did look nice. Shame Barry White is no longer around to hear his lyrics quoted cobbles style.

Apparently Nick has made his mind up or should that be that Carla has made his mind up for him? Tracy having secured the extra cash she needs to win the Bistro over Leanne, Carla reminds Nick that 'his' decision should be based on pure financial gain, especially as it seems that Nick would like his ex-wife and fellow worker Leanne to have it. Tracy is predictably gloating but the smile is soon wiped off her face when she spots Robert hugging Leanne and telling her that she has a job for as long as she wants one. Full of spite and jealousy, Tracy tells Leanne she should start looking for another job. It's hard not to feel sorry for Leanne having lost the bistro, but things change and as yet no contracts have been signed. Tracy has lied to Robert about where the money came from and has told him it came from some sort of start up loan. Another lie to come out at some point.  Maybe 'Judas' as Tracy refers, to her dad Ken, may have something up his sleeve. after all. We can't have Tracy running the Bistro anymore than we can have her running The Rovers.

Nick openly tells Carla that he'll miss the bistro, but who knows, the sign might not have to be changed after all. A smooth transaction on the cobbles? Seems unlikely.

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abbyk said...

I don't get Bethany. Period.
I don't get why Izzy feels she can't go to a doctor for stronger, legal pain relief (I'm not British, so the ins and outs of the NHS are kind of a mystery).
I can't stand Mary, but Patti Clare played a blinder tonight.
Glad to see Billy involved in something non-Sean related.
Biggest mystery of the night (besides what Yasmeen had to gain by adjusting Gail's machine) is why didn't Nick, realizing that the bistro needs a great chef and a strong manager, simply propose splitting the ownership? He'd get his 100K, they'd each have a share that plays to their strengths, and since he wouldn't need full payment from either of them, they'd each have some cash reserve, just in case. Tracy couldn't continue smirking behind the bar, but that'd be okay. Can't wait 'til Ken hears about this. Gee, I wish he'd throw the witch out on her ear. Nick, are you still brain damaged?

CK said...

After a long day at work I love to relax with a glass of wine and Corrie but when I see Tracy I feel like throwing my laptop across the room. Enough with the hammy-acting and tired ol' crap of her big mouth. I can't stand her! I wish someone would give her a good slap and then another.

abbyk said...

And apparently Conversation Street agrees with the split ownership idea. Didn't hear that part of this weeks podcast until after I posted. Yay, us!

Tvor said...

the gym scene was a bit bizarre, with Yasmeen walking around waving barbells in the air. It looked like she had only just approached Audrey and Gail so when did she have time to adjust Gail's machine without Gail noticing and why didn't Gail look at the displays or ask someone to see if there was a reason it was so difficult? It was rather a mean trick to play in any case.

Ruth owen said...

Yasmeen making things more difficult for Gail on her machine was bizarre and totally out of character for Yasmeen. Has Gail offended her in some way? If anyone can think of a reason as to why Yasmeen would be so mean and childish do please throw some light on the situation.


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