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Thursday 18 February 2016

Coronation Steet Weds 17th February episode review

Outfit of the episode- Amy Barlow wearing more pink than Elle Woods and rocking the Britney style bobbles

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's mid-week Corrie musings.

Two main storylines ran throughout last night's episode. Honestly - both were rather flat, but nevertheless, here we go with the review.

Carla is still in shock after Monday's hotel drama in which the Wicked Witch of Weatherfield  threatened to spill the beans to Nick about her little rendezvous with Robert. The silly change in Carla's personality led to her sleeping with Robert, who just happens to be Nick's now-business partner. Now that Tracy knows all about it, she's decided to hold it over Carla, fully aware of the damage she could cause at any time she chooses. But after a heart to heart with Michelle and tea, Carla decides she's quite rightly had enough of the petty threats. Tracy does not like being stood up to and her face is a picture when Carla confronts her and tells her of her intention to confess to Nick.

"I'm not being pushed round by you anymore, Tracy. I'm gonna tell Nick everything"

Obviously, nothing ever goes to plan on Coronation Street and just about every opportunity Carla has to tell Nick is unintentionally sabotaged by someone else. Nick decided to attend to the very important issues of Steph's waitressing and a dairy supplier website Robert was keen to show him. Later on, Gail turns up at the Bistro offering a pair of sapphire earrings to Carla which have been in the Platt family for a number of years. She'd like her to wear them on the wedding day. Carla can't even fake an ounce of enthusiasm as she is filled with dread.

This offering, as Nick puts it, is Gail's way of welcoming Carla into the family- eventually. I wonder if she ever offered them to Leanne or Kylie. As well as all this- Nick even sings Robert's praises just as she was gearing herself up to confess all. I would have thought that if Nick could really see how worried his fiancée looked, he would have told people to stop bothering him! In the end, Tracy notices Carla hasn't told Nick anything and presents her with a shameless ultimatum.

Either Carla persuades Nick to move away and basically give her everything or she'll tell all.  We all know that this proposal is ridiculous but it's typical Tracy. She even claims to be the victim in all this, something she does often. Has she ever been the victim?  There's a certiain ridiculousness to Tracy and her beautiful wickedness which I admittedly love. All Carla should need in this storyline is a bucket of water.
"Sell up and move away. Leave me and my boyfriend alone to get on with our lives. I don't think that's unreasonable"
"Unreasonable? Tracy. You know I own a factory here. Nick owns his bistro"
"I'll have that an'all"

The other storyline which featured heavily last night was Sinead's modelling. The often dowdy Sinead looked fabulous as she represented 'real' women in a glamorous photoshoot. Well, as glamorous as it could be in the factory. Everyone is thrilled with this 'ugly duckling' transformation. Well, almost everyone. Chesney doesn't look thrilled when the photographer offers Sinead more work. He repeatedly says he thought this photoshoot was just a one-off or a 'bit of fun'.

I've always liked Sinead as a character and I am struggling to think of a convincing reason why Chesney would disapprove of Sinead becoming a model. I suppose he won't like the idea of other people looking at his girlfriend. I was looking forward to this storyline but if boring Chesney is going to try to stop Sinead all then it's not the fun story I was hoping for. That said, Chesney does seem to be half heartedly supportive.  Whether this is a facade or not remains to be seen. Nevertheless, I loved seeing the transformation of Sinead.

"If you hit the big time, you're gonna need a manager!"
"I'm a manager!"
"Yeah- of a kebab shop"

Elsewhere, it is Pat Phelan's last day working for Jason so Anna is thrilled. But is this the last we'll see of the man himself? I hope so but I doubt it. Eileen is already in awe of him after he fixed her dodgy cupboards. Oh, and Alya got a spinning wheel thing for her birthday.

A rather dull episode if I'm honest but it was lovely to see Eileen again after a while even if she had to share scenes with slimy Pat Phelan. I also enjoyed Amy's dismay at the hotel shampoo Tracy presented her as a gift. The Carla and Tracy feud has run its course; it's become more like a game of cat and mouse. Funnily enough they are two of my most favourite characters but I don't think they work well together. The only soap feud which should go on forever is that of Gail and Eileen. I'd rather they got on with the 'remains' of the Callum storyline.

Read all about Tiresome Toxic Tracy here- in this post by Graeme which I totally agree with.

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Considering that Nick once bedded his brother's wife in a drunken rage he shouldn't have a problem with Carla. Also, Nick was once married to a retired prostitute and neither he nor Carla were exactly celibate in their former lives. Hence the threat of Tracy seems absurd beyond belief.

C in Canada said...

The whole Carla/Tracey feud is just irritating now and not good viewing. They both make me want to reach inside my tv and smack the both of them upside the head. Carla for letting Tracey get one over on her, and Tracey for being, well, just Tracey.
Please writers, make it stop. Send Tracey back to prison, this time for good.

Anonymous said...

great review Jordan, even though you really didn't enjoy the episode - you are 100% correct in everything you wrote - we can only hope that someday things will turn the corner and get better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

coconno196 said...

Anonymous 2144: good point re Nick's checkered past but he'll probably have "forgotten" all that if he ever does find out about Carla and Robert. I'm pretty sure the whole unlikely storyline is a clumsy way of writing Carla out. Also, Nick could hardly be surprised at all the interruptions, as he was supposed to be working. And why on earth would Carla choose to hold such a conversation in a public place anyway?!

Unknown said...

I must admit I was really looking forward to Carla and Nick's wedding day. Now, it either isn't gonna happen or like every other wedding day in soaps, be ruined by somebody.

Anonymous said...

Nick and Leanne were also having it off while she was with Peter.

Beth said...

Always great updates Jordan, I look forward to reading them.

We will have to agree to disagree on seeing Eileen again. She is very much my big 'go make a cup of tea' moment when she's on, I'm finding her that annoying.

And I think I may be in the minority regarding Amy. Whilst she's a cracking little actress and it's fun when they make her witty and 'wise'. This week she was bratty and rude. Sarcasm doesn't come across well with kids either. I'm hoping they don't make her 'Tracy's' daughter in the character sense but more Steve with a touch of Blanche. Wednesday she was a tiny Tracy and one is more than enough.

Rudeness and meanness seems to be the theme running through most characters these days tbh.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

"Oh, and Alya got a spinning wheel thing for her birthday."

It's a "sewing machine". I did not recall seeing an electric motor and belt drive on it, so it's most likely an antique foot-powered treadle type.

I wonder if the audience will be treated to Sinead's glamour photos! I can hope, anyway.

John McE said...

Carla choosing a booth at the bistro to tell Nick that she has sex with Robert was just ridiculous... especially with Tracy less than 10 feet away. Whatever happened to the back office? Or she could easily have asked him to come to the flat.

Carla is supposed to be pretty smart. So there is no way she'd believe Tracy would really keep quiet.

And of course we had the obligatory, coincidental "I know you'd never hurt Nick" speech just before. I do wish they wouldn't keep doing this. Random words that a character would never say, and only exist in the script to highlight another storyline.

It's almost as bad as characters who can't step out of their front door without bumping into the same character time after time, when in the script they are doing their best to avoid them.

I do hope the new producer goes back to realistic characters, written in a believable and consistent way, and stops throwing all credibility out the window every time it suits the latest plot.

Tvor said...

You're modelling lingerie for women. Why do you do up your hair like a 12 year old or a child's baby doll?

C in Canada said...

Tvor's spot on. Sinead was supposed to represent 'real women', not a china doll.

I like the suggestion above for Amy. Right now she's coming across as rude and it's not working well with a character of her age. I too, hope they don't make her into a mini Tracy - let the Steve shine through. (BTW, can't wait for Steve's return, he's missed!)

Anonymous said...

Right again, Tvor. Why did Sinead have her hair done like a baby-doll or at least a tween. Hardly a real woman hairdo, actually it's a bit on the creepy side if you ask me and why did they shoot it at the factory? I guess so everybody else could gawk? Once again, no reality.

Newfy Pearl said...

Of course Chesney does not like Sinead becoming a model. Remember how things ended with (can't remember her name...his baby mama lol) He felt she was too pretty to be with him....was insecure and when she tried to work things out after her fling with Ryan Conner, he would not hear of it. So up until now he has been comfortable with Sinead....but now she is going to be seen as 'beautiful' he will feel out of his depth again.

abbyk said...

Thank you, Anon 21:44. It only makes sense in the mind of a love sick teenager. One wonders how much real life the writers, storylines,... have actually lived. Hello, does anyone know some real people, the kind who doesn't work in media or other shiny offices?

Anonymous said...

There's something about Sinead that is really irritating me - she is twee beyond belief. And yes Newfy Pearl, agree with you about Chesney.


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