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Sunday 21 February 2016

Dev Alahan - Top 5 best moments on Coronation Street

Prince Charming! Prince Charming!
Ridicule is nothing to be scared of

News that Dev is going to get a smacker of a kiss from Street glamour-puss Erica has led me to think about Mr Alahan.  Here's my personal favourite top five Dev moments from Coronation Street

Sleeping with Deirdre.

... and breaking her big glasses.  This was the crunch point for Deirdre's big specs. She never went back permanently to them again and started wearing the smaller frames.
 The Dev mural

Dev was humiliated by scorned girlfriend Tara. Tara plotted her revenge after discovering he had a drunken fling with Tara's friend Lisa.

Wedding day to Sunita

The only man on Coronation Street to turn up for his wedding by horse.

Mad Maya
The woman who blew up his chain of corner shops.

Comedy Dev

Just keep on doing the do, Dev. It's why we all love you.  Mind you, Erica just might eat you for breakfast.

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Louby said...

When he first came along, was he cousin to Ravi who owned the shop before? In small doses l, he is ace and I would be very sad if he were to leave. .... "70s throwback shopkeeper", one of the best lines ever :)

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of this character. Note that his expressions, much like Steve's gurns, are generally similar. He'd do better in panto.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree - yes, he may not be the best character on the street and yes, he doesn't do dramatic very well, but he did come through when Sunita was in the hospital with all that sleuthing in the raincoat. But beyond a doubt he is at his best in light comedy. Everyone needs a corner shop with a funny, caring & loving family man. Golly they can't all be as nasty as Norris. So Long live Dev. I just really hope that Erica doesn't gobble him up for breakfast and spit him out. She nearly did Nick in. They could be quite funny together - he always out to please and keep the peace, she being snarly and pessimistic. It'll be fun to see who wins out in the end.

Anonymous said...

I love Dev and he must never leave Corrie. It wouldn't be the same without him . He makes me laugh but I do think he can do pathos well . Big tears In his eyes on cue. Plus I love the crispy starched shirts with the open cuffs . Jimmi H is brill .

Emma Hynes said...

While I love comedy Dev, and the appearance of same always raises a 'yessss' in my house, he's well capable of pathos as Anon @ 22.56 rightly points out. I wouldn't like to see him succumb to either permanently thought, the mix is what makes him.

Anonymous said...

Dev and Dierdre - my eyes! my eyes!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind Dev at all, there's something quite comforting about him.

Dolly Tubb said...

Dev's wonderful! I love his comedy - he was great with Steve - and he has been really lovely with Mary. I think it could be a fab relationship with Erica, Nick was a bit too serious for her, and now that Erica has found her Corrie character, she and Dev together could be a great double act. I know Dev has his nay-sayers on this blog but I've always had a bit of a thing for Dev :)

C in Canada said...

Anon above is spot on - comforting is a good word for him. He makes you smile, laugh, he's caring about his friends/family (look how he's looked after Mary after her upset with Brendan), and he and Steve together are comedy gold.
I hope he never leaves.

vintgal003 said...

I am also too, in the 'Camp Dev' column!! Have always enjoyed his character...and especially his relationship with Mary and his 'new' relationship with them together!! Long may Dev reign on the cobbles !

Anonymous said...

Dev is genius! Don't think there's ever been a character like him tbh! I can't wait, for once, to see where this relationship goes, should be interesting and of course comical at times. And yes! Erica has found a place on the show, once she split with Nick, she's been great mates with Carla, shame it's been forgotten, and of course Liz and Mary. Erica and Dev somehow feel suited however I never thought they'd get together, for me I thought Erica made it quite clear she just wanted to be friends,never thought this would happen, but it's great that it has! Yay


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