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Tuesday 2 February 2016

Guess which male character warms to Jenny Bradley in Corrie?

There's a very interesting interview with Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny Bradley, in this week's Inside Soap magazine.

As well as talking about how much she's loving being back on the cobbles, Sally Ann reveals a little something about Jenny. And I quite like the sound of it, too.

Without giving anything away, she says that one male character will befriend Jenny - and it's Johnny Connor. 

Sally Ann says: "Johnny is the first person other than Rita to be nice to her, so I think his friendship takes her by surprise.  She does enjoy spending time with him, and maybe he'll be someone that she comes to lean on."

Jenny and Johnny, eh?  Could be quite the partnership if it moves on from being friends.

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Tvor said...

My initial thought was the age difference and while it's significant, it's not any worse than other partnerships have been. Jenny would be in her forties now and Johnny's probably not more than 60. It would be nice if this developed into the kind of relationship that gives Jenny the love, safety and support she needs and could blossom. But maybe this could be a path back to the old Jenny, latching on to Johnny for money. It's hard to say but I think it will be interesting. It would be better if it stayed as a friendship, someone that would be in Jenny's corner other than Rita but soaps being soaps, they'll probably take it to the next level.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I think you are right Tvor. At first I thought it would be brilliant if they stayed as friends. Right now Jenny needs all the help & support from friends that she can get. Same with Jonny, but I think that being a soap they will probably put them in a romantic relationship which would be same old, same old, people talking behind their backs and pointing fingers. Not something I can look forward to.

Anonymous said...

My guess is there will be the bog standard love triangle between Jenny, Kevin and Anna. Cue the affair, cue the vengeance, cue the soggy crying to Rita. Johnny is a distraction at best. Writers will revert to what they know.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Odds are that they'll end up an item, and Kate will hate Jenny. Sophie will wade in, supporting Kate and bad-mouthing Jenny. Good to have women brawling on the cobbles again!

Newfy Pearl said...

No storylines for just-friends. The writers lack imagination to make this work....unless one of the friends is Roy. lol
I like the intrigue of the romances with their ups and downs.
I am a Noah's Ark kind of viewer.....I would have everybody paired off if I could. lol

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is no hanky panky between Johnny and Jenny but that he becomes a friend and surrogate father to her in the same manner that Roy is with Carla?
I'm more annoyed though that every other storyline seems to involved the Connors while there are so many underused characters on the Street.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather they wrote Johnny off the simply no.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the Connors right now, although I have gone off Aidan quite a bit. Why did they make him into such a baboon? He is at his best when playing a charmer with that twinkle in his eye. What has happened to the other family on the street - the Nazirs?? Did they just up and move with nary a word? And Michael?

C in Canada said...

@Anon above me - they're in the Corrie Cupboard, along with Sarah, Bethany, Norris, and Eileen! lol
I was just thinking of the Nazir's this morning, and how we haven't seen them for awhile. Funny that.

Anonymous said...

To C in Canada - that cupboard must be getting mighty full these days. To add to the list: Faye, Craig, Caitlyn, baby Jack, Izzy's baby, Gary. The cupboard must have elastic walls the same as the 2nd floor on the houses. I have a feeling that they probably don't have enough parking on the lot for the actors, that's why we only see about 1/2 of them at a time. I would imagine that dressing rooms must be at a premium also. LOL

Newfy Pearl said...

Shhhhh...don't wake Michael. since he is away from Gail he is an awful bore. Let him stay asleep in the cupboard. lol


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