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Tuesday 16 February 2016

Tracy vs Carla vs Leanne in Coronation Street Bistro battle

It looks like things are going to get complicated down at the Bistro on Coronation Street.  Currently owned by Nick (and Robert), next week sees Tracy set her sights on owning the place.  And Carla's going to do her best to stop her from taking it over.

Inside Soap magazine reveal that as Tracy is blackmailing Carla about her afternoon delight with Robert at the casino, she'll use that information into getting Carla to sign over the Bistro to her.  That way, Tracy and Robert would own the Bistro rather than Nick and his soon-to-be-wife and Tracy's nemesis, Carla Connor.

So, when Nick accepts an offer for the Bistro, it looks like Tracy will get her way.  However, Leanne chimes in with an even higher offer.  Tracy's furious when she finds out that Leanne's managed to raise the money to buy the Bistro as Ken Barlow is backing her!

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Tvor said...

Luckily, I really don't think the powers that be will ever let Tracy own something as important as the Bistro. I'd love to see Leanne own it but I hope this is the catalyst for Carla to confess to Nick about the fling and he doesn't end up selling it to anyone.

Ancient corrier said...

Ho hum. First the Rovers now the Bistro, what will she be after next? The Kabin, Audrey's, Alahans, the repeat stories are endless.

Unknown said...

I hope Leanne buys it.

Anonymous said...

If Tracy was involved in the Bistro she would lose trade. Why she thinks she or Robert for that matter deserve it she is mistaken. It was bad enough Robert getting a small share but owning the whole thing. No thanks. If I had to chose it would be Leanne over them any day. At least Leanne does seem to care about the place. Saying that I really don't want Nick to sell it. Don't think it would be the same him not being involved. Carla should be telling him the truth especially has he is giving up so much for her.

Anonymous said...

Yes extremely ironic that Carla is withholding this information out of fear of losing Nick when she ended up in bed with Robert because she was so upset that her father withheld information for the same reason. She should know how it'll all turn out in the end so better to rip the band-aid off sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

first the pub, now the bistro - do they really keep rehashing the same storylines??

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why soap villains are transitory. A resident villain always ends up being one note, predictable and ultimately dull to watch.

abbyk said...

Except, sadly, for Tracy. Ooooh, I wish Carla would turn her in for blackmail.

Oh, and where did Ken get money? I thought Deirdre left her money (insurance?) in trust for the grandkids. They had spent all their savings on Tracy's trial (or was it Peters, no matter, it was gone and he doesn't work). If someone has to buy in, I like that it's Leanne instead of an outsider or selling more shares to Robert. She's put her soul into that place and works well with Nick.


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