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Thursday 25 February 2016

Coronation Street Weds 24th February episode review

"So I said 'No mother, it's not a balaclava- it's a snood' and she was having none of it. We didn't speak for a week."
"When was this?"
Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review.

Whenever it becomes apparent that Jonathan Harvey has written the episode, I know I am in for a treat. It's certainly no secret that Jonathan Harvey is my favourite Corrie writer and one of my favourite writers of all time.

We start off at Carla and Nick's flat, where Carla is persuading Nick over breakfast to make a wild choice (even more wild than his blueberry muesli). She thinks he she just accept Robert's offer of £90,000 for the Bistro even though he originally wanted £100,000.  Carla is desperately trying to talk him round so that the Wicked Witch of Weatherfield doesn't let the nasty old cat out of the bag. Realistically, given Nick's track record, he probably shouldn't care that Carla slept with Robert. But he will- and Tracy knows that. She is currently waving her lit broomstick above everything and Carla is trying to extinguish it. It looks like she may manage to do so by the end of the episode, as Nick decides that if no other offers are received by the end of the week, he will accept Robert's.

"You're like a dog with a bone!"
"What? I'm a dog? If I am a dog I'm one of them Disney ones- big eyes and a bow in their hair"
"Is it wrong that I used to fancy that dog from 'Lady and the Tramp'? I was only eight"
"Was it the way she sucked the spaghetti?"

Carla later goes to tell Tracy the good news and tries to show that she has not been beaten by her. She thanks her for giving her the push she needed to get out of Weatherfield. Tracy looks a little shocked but of course still insists that she is in charge. The ending scene of tonight's episode was good but I can't help feeling that the Carla of 2006-2014 would've given Tracy a good old Corrie slap and told the mouthy cow to back off, rather than just standing there.
"This is exactly the kick up the toosh that I needed to get out of this place."
"Oh! So that's what's happened is it? I've done you a favour?"
"Yeah- so thanks, babe"
"No. I'll tell you what's happened, shall I? You've become my bitch, babe. Always knew you had it in you"

Izzy is in the café, looking rather uneasy as she empties her handbag in a fluster. Anna finishes her Shirley MacLaine-themed conversation with Cathy to ask her what's wrong but Izzy just pulls a few odd faces and lies that she has lost a small address book. Anna seems to buy this and accepts Izzy's invitation for dinner at her house that evening. However, we all know what Izzy has got herself in a flap about. She has lost (or run out of) the marijuana she has been using for her pain relief since she suffered an accident the other week. (The accident that was caused by that slave girl runaway. Can we have some more of that storyline please? It has only been mentioned once or twice). Izzy is desperate for some more illegal pain-killers so she visits Erica at the corner shop to see if she can get her any more from her dealer friend. Yasmeen is in the shop, making a contactless payment. This is becoming recurrent way of starting a scene lately. Do I smell sponsorship? Anyway, when the shop is quiet, Erica tells Izzy that her friend has gone back to Spain but she will try and find another supplier. Later, she reveals the name of a 'studenty' pub where Izzy will be able to get some 'stuff' and despite Erica's willingness to accompany her there tomorrow, Izzy insists that she goes momentarily; alone. When she gets there, she immediately meets a young man who compliments her wheels and the deal is done. Later, when she is at home not slow cooking her Bolognese and using jars of pasta sauce (the chef inside me is sobbing right now) she realises she has bought a pig in a poke.
"Twenty quid for oregano?"

Our pal Sal gets caught out when she is trying too hard to entice voters. When the news emerges that there is going to be a new 'superstore' in Weatherfield, Sally is heard voicing two different opinions. She claims to be very pro-local businesses but is also adamant about her belief in job creation, depending on whom she speaking to. She looks rather silly when the supporters of different sides cross in the pub and she is forced to explain herself. However, she simply becomes a typical politician and doesn't provide an answer. She puts on a glazed smile and proudly says"I can't help it if everyone wants a piece of me". You're not Britney, Sal!  This is definitely the best storyline at the moment; it is witty, camp and just downright entertaining. I can't wait to see how it pans out. You've got my vote, Sally- mostly so I can see the farce that follows should you be elected!

"So are you pro or pro-no?"
"Are you sure you want to stand, Sal?  I only came in for a quiet pint. It's like going out with flipping J-Lo"

"I can't help it if everyone wants a piece of me"
"Not sure that's true. J-Lo is a goddess"

Elsewhere, Sophie and Faye are trying hard to get Kevin and Anna to reunite. Kevin has been thinking of nothing but Anna and it is obvious that she feels the same way. Faye offered us a brilliant description of what the reunion would be like, should it happen. Which it should. Both Anna and Kevin are somewhat reluctant at the moment but I can totally see them working as a Corrie couple. Until, obviously, in about ten years time when everything goes full circle again and Sally and Kevin get married for the third time.  Oh- and I would just like to wish a belated Happy 21st Birthday to the fabulous Steph Britton, who celebrated her milestone birthday in a spa with a bar and even managed to soldier on through her shift at the Bistro in last night's episode with what looked like the world's worst hangover.
"So do you think you and Kevin are gonna back together?"
"I doubt it"
"No, but it could be like that bit in 'The Sound of Music' where Maria goes back to the abbey and she changes her mind so she legs it back to the Von Trapp villa and snogs the face off the Captain"

A fantastic episode in my opinion, which took what have been some rather flat storylines and given them a bit of spice. One of the best things about Jonathan Harvey's writing is the constant popular culture references, which last night ranged all the way from The Sound of Music to when Ed Miliband was pictured eating a bacon sandwich. Bravo, Jonathan! You never disappoint.

Thanks for reading!


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maggie muggins said...

Thanks, Jordan, I always enjoy your Wednesday reviews. Short, sweet and Corrie-loving good. Ooh, that was a nasty retort from Tracy to Carla when she realized her blackmailing ways have failed. We know she'll spill the beans anyway, right?

Hadn't noticed the jarred pasta sauce, which is why I love these blogs. Fake pot and fake spag bol. Snerk.

Another cultural reference I've noticed lately are a few Bowie songs playing in the Rovers and elsewhere. Must have taped these episodes around that sad day.

Anonymous said...

I just love your updates, Jordan. They are casual, chatty, and spot-on. Thanks for sharing with us.

Dime said...

Favourite review of the week-thoroughly enjoyable as always!

Rapunzel said...

Cathy and Anna's Shirley MacLaine dialogue had me in fits
Whose her brother? Paul Newman ( no, Warren Beatty)
I loved him in the Way We Were (no, that was Robert Redford)
Yes, with Ali McGraw, it was so sad when she died (no, that was Love Story)


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