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Tuesday 23 February 2016

Previews for next week's Corrie - Feb 29 to March 4

Without any piffle, here's the storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday February 29 to Friday March 4

Erica snogs Dev, Bethany’s bullied at school, Gary worries about Izzy on drugs, Phelan flirts with Eileen, Eva searches for Marta, Sally announces her family values campaign plan.

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Anonymous said...

Eurgh! Phelan flirts with Eileen - yuk, the very thought. Although they are both big and ugly, almost make a matching pair.

Kate said...

I'm quite liking the Eva/Marta story. Nice to see another side of Eva. Interesting that trafficking is being covered in another programme as well right now (Happy Valley).

Anonymous said...

Robert is taken aback when he realizes how badly Tracy-luv treats the bistro staff. For real? Like he didn't see that one coming. Everybody else did - I think he is the one living on cloud coo-coo land. And why did Kylie tell Max he is going to have a half-brother - wouldn't they just be cousins? Or are they going to tell him that Callum is the baby boy's father - seems a bit odd to reveal all to him at his age, especially since he hates his father so much after all that happened.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[13;21]I think Max should be told the truth now as he did know his father did date Aunt Sarah.
I actually agree with Bethany this time as the baby shower[wonder if Marion is invited?] is a farce considering a few weeks ago,Sarah wanted an abortion.
Considering that she allowed her daughter to skip school to go shopping and never questioned Bethany being Callum's alibi the day of Jason's assault,I think it's contrived that now Sarah is concerned about her daughter skipping school,a little too late!

chartreuse said...

Having the same father makes them half siblings.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is a terrible mother and everything that is happening right now is a perfect example of it. However, I find it convenient that Bethany's makeup has been toned down just in time for her to be bullied for being a skank - she was a skank, and one trying to get with her mother's boyfriend! Also convenient that all of her bullies have her cell number - is it written on the bathroom wall? And what's with throwing desserts at the wall - that was one of Deirdre's final moments so why redo it? And Sarah's spawn would be both Max's half-sibling and cousin, if David had adopted Max and Sarah was his aunt but wasn't the whole adoption business what started this endless story?

Simone Subversive said...

Erica kisses Dev? She must be on the losing end of a drinking game.

Zagg said...

I have to agree, Sarah is a horrible mother and the last person who should be having yet another child from unprotected sex. What a shame that they completely missed the boat with Sarah's character when they brought her back.It's hard to have empathy or care about a character who has not grown in so many years.It's just the same old, same old with a snarky daughter to add to the mix.


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