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Sunday 14 February 2016

Corrie Weekly Awards for Feb. 8 - 12

The EveryWoman! "Been there. Done that" A tshirt slogan for Tim and Kevin. Priceless!

That's Not Helping award: Leanne's idea of helping Simon with his homework is to do it for him.

Unfathomable award: How could Kirk have heard a rustling from the part of the factory he was in (wide open door) when Marta was behind a closed door at the other end?

Health and Safety award: Maybe Izzy can un-dislocate her hip but surely, to cover workplace insurance, an ambulance should be called to check her over anyway? Or at least, a visit to the doctor.

Medical fail: Why didn't Beth go to the doctor for a shot or take some allergy pills? She'd have suffered a lot less. Is it really wise for Izzy to be drinking wine and taking heavy pain killers?

Arrest fail: I'm surprised they sent two police officers and nobody from Social Services (or Child Protection Services, whatever they're called this week) to question Simon. More shocked that they man-handled a child into the car. And neither was the Social involved in the interview. He might have had his grandfather there, but shouldn't Social Services have been involved as well? It was all very ham-fisted and poorly handled, I think.

Salon fail (are we spotting a pattern here?): No patch test before trying a different dye. 1. David didn't realize he was using a different dye that Beth's normal. 2. A patch test wouldn't have revealed the allergy which didn't show up for hours after.

Fashion accessory award: Beth's blingy hair bow

Lines of the week:
Simon "Who brings their granddad to their football match?" (er, quite a few kids, I should think, ya muppet)
Aidan "Since when do mice read newspapers?" Kirk "Have you never heard of Tom and Jerry?" (snort)
Beth "Don't look at me, I'm a monster!"
Robert about Beth "She's all mouth and no trousers, that one" (Phrase of Doom alert!)
Sally "People want bold thinking, Tim!"
Anna to Sally "Voting for you is like turkeys voting for Christmas"
Izzy "I'm fine, thanks" Erica "When you're bored of putting a brave face on it, let me know"
Todd "I just don't do 'sincere' very well" (heh)
Kylie to Beth "Get back under a bridge, ya troll"
Tim about Sally "She cares about you even when she's nagging you in a high pitched voice"

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coconno196 said...

Exactly what I thought - both Izzy and Beth should have seen a doctor. The salon scenes are never remotely convincing, with the "stylists" holding a comb and running their fingers through clients' hair, and the hair looks no different when they've finished. Re Beth ' s colour, David should have looked at her record card to see what to use. My hairdresser, who's done my hair for years, still gets the card out before mixing the colour.

Anonymous said...

I returned to my hairdresser after a year and they insisted on doing a patch test. You have to give it at least 48 hours I think. All health and safety these days! I agree about Beth though, just take some anti histamine fgs!

Newfy Pearl said...

Keep in mind David is dealing with the salon on his own. Remember in the scene Gail came in asking about tea....geez....the poor lad did not know if he was coming or going.
No thanks for the good job he obviously did with everyone else! Poor David. Where was Sarah? She used to be a hairdresser.


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