Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Connor McIntyre is Phelan glad all over

There's a good interview with Connor McIntyre, who plays Pat Phelan, in next week's TV Times magazine.

Connor reveals that he was only supposed to be in Corrie for three short scenes as slimy Pat Phelan, but he's been called back by popular demand.

On Phelan's return, Connor says: "This man thinks he's a cat in a world of mice. He's back now, broke and with no prospects.  He wants to get back on his perch and is thinking about how he can ingratiate himself with the people who will be useful to him.  It won't just be Anna this time - he'll be spreading the love around..."

Connor left school in Toxteth, Liverpool with no qualifications. He worked as a lifeguard, boxing coach and car salesman but says it was boredom that led him to the Barbican Theatre in Plymouth (where he lives) to find out what the inside of a theatre looked like!

He says: "I asked if I could watch the actors rehearse and I was thrilled by what was happening in that dark space. I thought 'I'm going to get involved in this!'. I did anything I could to be a part of it."

Connor McIntyre, artist
In 2003 Connor had a heart attack and he took a rest from acting, ending up doing a masters degree in fine art.  He has sold and shown his work and has an exhibition at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth in April.

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C in Canada said...

He is so very creepy that I was glad to see him go the last time, not so sure I like seeing him back just as Anna's finally finding some peace of mind and a speck of happiness.

He's a great actor, as he couldn't evoke that feeling if he wasn't good at it, but the 2nd go around just isn't doing it for me.
I really hope Kev finally sees through him, and before his new relationship goes kaboom.

Anonymous said...

I've posted this before, but it's worth repeating. He is one heck of a great actor. He is an artist, has a master's degree in Fine Art, yet comes across as the most slimiest, eeliest baddie ever, all he has to do is look in the camera with that smirk of his to know he is up to no good - now how's that for fooling the audience??

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