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Monday 22 April 2013

Coronation Street Weekly Update - troubled kids and pyramids

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It’s all about cobbles kids this week - Dev’s kids, adopted kids, unborn kids - the action’s child-centred this week on our favourite soap.

First off Faye tells headmaster Brian that Anna’s been hitting her. She hasn’t, of course, it’s just Faye’s devious way of getting herself removed from Anna’s care and into her dad Tim’s flat.

And it works, that is, after Anna’s questioned by the child protection team, Faye’s been outed as a liar and Tim gets to look after his daughter 24/7 which is probably 22/7 more than he actually wants.

Next up we’ve got Dev’s kids, still grieving for their mum. Dev decides he needs a nanny to help cope with house, home and the harem he’s running in his other shops around the North-West and interviews Mary. She doesn’t get the job, not until she starts making herself indispensable with the kids, then Dev takes her on full-time. But behind the smile and the muu-muu, Mary’s a nasty piece of work so I’m sure it won’t be long before she’s got the kids held hostage in a Bronte country cottage.

And then we’ve got the unborn child of Tina and Gary and Izzy – or as I like to call it Tigarzy.

Well, I don’t actually, but that was the best I could come up with as I rush off this weekly update to catch up with Broadchurch on telly. Izzy’s feeling jealous and left out as Tina and Gary ooh and ahh at th’antenatal over little Tig Armstrong-Windass.

And finally there’s a new kid on the block by the name of Sinead Tinker - S. Tinker, for short. She’s Beth’s niece and Beth gives her a call to try to hook her up with Chesney, who’s still hung up on Katy, who’s still got the hots for Ryan. Sinead’s a good one, a lovely little character that didn’t seem too forced and in yer face like some of them when they first start on the show. I hope we’ll see more of her. And as Katy and Chesney’s relationship melts down as Katy’s hots warm up for Ryan after he stokes her fire, Chesney’s on his own, burning with rage. Maybe a little Stinker’s just what Chesney needs.

Elsewhere this week, trouble’s brewing at Barlow’s Bookies where it’s odds on that Leanne will devise a way to shake Peter’s pockets until the money he owes her for her half of the business falls her way. And Carla’s cash rich as she’s sold her flat. Hmm… hand on a minute. Leanne needs money from Peter? And Carla’s got money to give to Peter, that he could, let’s just guess, use to buy Leanne out of the Bookies? I don’t’ know about you, but I smell a plot device brewing.

And finally this week, Eileen and Julie prepare for pyramids on a trip of a lifetime to Egypt. Now there's a Corrie spin-off DVD I would buy.

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Lilliput said...

Does anyone but me wonder if Eileen will actually go on the trip to Egypt? Julie and Brian both seemed so keen and excited about it and all the excursions would be something they would both enjoy. Julie's ideas of an adventure is the opposite of what Eileen had envisioned. I can see Eileen not being able to tolerate all of Julie's excitement and offering the trip to Julie and Brian instead. It could be a way to write them out of the show. We know she is very pregnant and he is supposed to be leaving anyways. I'm probably totally wrong but it does have me wondering.

Anonymous said...

Haven't we already heard somewhere that Eileen ends up giving the trip to Julie and Brian because she can't handle the hectic schedule Julie has planned?


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