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Monday 29 April 2013

Coronation Street Weekly Update, Paul choo-choo-chooses to stay

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It’s all go at Barlow’s bookies where Carla installs brother Rob behind the counter to work with Peter, who doesn’t want him there. Carla buys Leanne out of the bookies business: “Leanne knows the square root of chuff-all” and gives Rob a job. It’s odds-on that Rob rubs Peter up the wrong way but Peter lays a £20 bet with Steve that Rob won’t last more than a week before he’s running back to the knicker factory and swapping betting slips for under-slips with matching bra and pants.  Over tea at the Barlow’s where Deirdre’s made coq-au-vin from scratch (was that the chicken’s name? poor scratch!) and tried to pass off a Freshco chocolate cake as her own, Rob rubs Ken up the wrong way too. Ken takes Peter to one side in the kitchen and whispers: “You know who he reminds me of?” “Mike Baldwin!” we whispered back at the telly from our sofa. “Mike Baldwin!” Ken whispered to Peter.  All mouth, no trousers and an ego the size of Salford.

Meanwhile, Anna’s suspicious that Faye’s not being looked after properly now Faye’s living with dad Tim in the flat above the shop. Little does Anna know that her suspicions are spot on as Tim leaves Faye home alone so he can go out drinking with Jase.

Anna’s other suspicions prove right too after she spots a receipt in Gary’s pocket. He’s only gone and scoured the second-hand shops to find Tina’s dad’s wedding right that she had nicked in the robbery from Tina’s flat. He tells everyone it cost him £20 to buy back but Anna finds the receipt in Gary’s pocket for £200.  She knows summat’s up between Gary and Tina but she isn’t quite sure what, not yet anyway.

Over at Dev’s, Mary mothers the kids and smothers Dev. “She treats me like the third twin,” he complains but he can’t deny she’s doing a great job with his kids and they like her a lot, even if she is, you know, a bit too much Mary at times.

Elsewhere, Eileen prepares to say ta-ra to Paul who heads across the Pennines to his new job in Leeds and she gets maudlin on red wine with Deirdre. I’d love an afternoon like that, wouldn’t you, getting maudlin on red with Deirdre. Anyway, Eileen decides to run after Paul and belts it to the train station in Jason’s van only to get there in time to see Paul’s train chuffing out of the station and out of her life.  And then back in as he gets off the train at Huddersfield and returns to the Street and Eileen’s life with his beige bomber jacket and his funny hair-do.

And finally this week, Kevin Webster got an exit storyline as the actor who plays him won’t be in the show for a few months for reasons we all know.  How fortunate that Kevin’s got a dad with a heart problem and German connections. Join up the dots and that’s where Kev’ll be and that’s who he’ll be looking after, for the next few months.

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Llifon said...

I whispered 'Baldwin' as well when Ken asked Peter who Rob reminded him of. Great minds eh Flaming Nora? ;)

Tvor said...

I've been of the opinion that Rob is a mini-me Baldwin for months now! He doesn't have quite the same edge and attitude but he's darn close.

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the Carla/Peter/Rob/Tracy scenes. Very entertaining!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Are the tptb trying to humanise Tracy with her very unlikely loyalty to Peter? True she is fond of her brother but that's never made her leap to his defence before. Since her obsession with Steve has been forgotten, it seems they don't really know what to do with her.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty may be in the minority but he rather likes Rob with his swagger and cocky devil may care attitude reminds him of himself as a young man. And did anyone else let out a LOUD GROAN when spluttering Paul of the beige bomber jacket re-appeared with his holdall?? Is this bloke leaving or not does anyone know or do we have to suffer yet another "breakup" between this ghastly pair.

Sky said...

Rob used to be very annoying but I like him now. His relationship with Carla is becoming more complex and the writers are doing a great job. It's obvious that Rob and Peter are going to clash over Carla.

Peter is so used to being the only man in her life, he has always loved being Carla's 'hero' but now her brother is there too and Peter's jealous. Rob still wants Carla's approval for everything and in her eyes, Peter saved her, he was there for her when no one else was, so he can do no wrong half the time! Rob hates that.

I also think he knows that Peter literally saved Carla's life when she was raped. Rob knows that he wasn't there for her, Peter was, and that's probably killing him. I reckon that is where this storyline is going!

They are all brilliant actors so I can't wait!

Humpty Dumpty said...

The crack in Peter and Carla's relationship will appear when Carla becomes strong and has no need to be rescued. She'll get that strength from Rob. Btw, how does the attack on the knicker van fit in with this storyline if Carla suspects her brother's involvement?

Tvor said...

Tracy has come to Peter's defence in the past, she was the one that told him that Leanne had the affair with Nick.

Anonymous said...

Did they address who was lookin after invisible baby jack while Kevin was away? I hate how they miss stuff like that all th time.


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