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Monday 15 April 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 15 April

Coronation Street, Monday 15th April 2013 at 7.30pm

FAYE HAS DEVASTATING NEWS FOR ANNA. When Faye’s off school sick Anna’s forced to take her to work with her. Coming into the cafe Tim gleans what’s going on and offers to look after Faye back at his flat. Anna reluctantly agrees as Faye laps up Tim’s attention. But how will they both react when Faye makes a shock announcement?
EILEEN AND PAUL SPLIT UP. When both Eileen and Paul refuse to back down, an emotional Paul decides it’s time he went house hunting. As Paul goes Eileen struggles to hold it together, is this really it?
DEV’S UPSET AT STELLA AND KARL’S REUNION. Leanne’s shocked to discover that Stella and Karl are back together. As she brands Karl a cheat and a liar, how will Dev react to news of the coupling?
Elsewhere Fiz offers to help Katy win Chesney back but tells her it means making some sacrifices. Is Katy prepared to do whatever it takes? Mary plans an Australian night at the bistro.

Monday 15th April 2013 at 8.30pm

ANNA LOSES HER TEMPER WITH FAYE. Anna’s unnerved by Faye’s insistence that she wants to live with her dad and tries to explain to Tim that since he arrived on the scene Faye’s behaviour has deteriorated again. Accepting his presence has had a disruptive influence on Faye, Tim offers to move away from the street. But when Faye overhears this she goes ballistic, refusing to return home. At the end of her tether how will a desperate Anna respond to Faye’s threats?
PAUL LEAVES EILEEN BUT IS IT FOR GOOD? Eileen’s furious that Paul is staying at Julie’s, accusing her sister of siding with Paul. Realising he’s coming between them Paul returns to the Grimshaws with some news for Eileen. But is it the lifeline she was hoping for?
SOPHIE SHOWS DEV TOUGH LOVE. Emotional Dev questions Stella over her decision to take Karl back, resentful that they’ve got their happy ending. But when Sophie tells him to stop being horrible to the people who care about him will Dev have a change of heart?
Elsewhere Katy tells Ryan she’s quitting her job to focus on getting her family back on track and can’t see him anymore. Will it have the desired effect on Chesney? Mary’s Australian night at the bistro gets out of hand.

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Janice. said...

Whatever happened to Karl's large gambling debt? Perhaps Michelle Connor's biological paid it off. Donuts anyone?

Janice. said...

That should read: Michelle Connor's biological son.

Anonymous said...

The idea that Katy will go crawling back to the ever ridiculous Chesney, begging him to take her back and "sacrificing" whatever it takes, makes me gag.

Apparently lying on top of Stella during a blazing fire, smothering her and whispering creepily that at least they will die together was enough to make Stella forget about Karl's debts and cheating. She probably considered being kidnapped and held against her will in the back of his cab as foreplay?

Bezza said...

Who in their right mind would take a sick child somewhere where they serve food?


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