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Wednesday 17 April 2013

Bring back Corrie's feckless fella

Following our blogger Graeme's great post about revitalising the Coronation Street women, I'd like to argue the case for Corrie to bring back the feckless fella.

The feckless fella has long been a staple of Coronation Street, usually playing opposite some of the strongest women on the show.

The dictionary definition of feckless includes the words feeble, ineffectual, futile, helpless. As far as Corrie feckless fellas go I think we can add lazy, disinterested and always looking for an excuse to spend time in the pub or the bookies; anywhere in fact as long as it's away from his wife.

Fab feckless fellas in Corrie's past include Stan Ogden, Jack Duckworth, Les Battersby, Vernon Tomlin and Eddie Windass.

To some extent, we can see definite shades of fecklessness in Dennis Tanner and there's some signs in young Ryan Connor.  Terry Duckworth would be a good one, if he returns.

I did think Karl Munroe might take up the feckless-mantle of the great and the good Corrie feckless fellas but now they've turned him into a murderer and a stalker, there's no one left on Corrie with full feckless credentials.

Come on Corrie, we need a feckless fella. It's time to bring back the useless lump!

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Anonymous said...

I would have much preferred Karl to have been a feckless fella than a serial killer. Much of the comedy used to come from feckless fellas and supplanting them with murderers explains why there is so little humour these days.

Anonymous said...

I think for the feckless fellow to work on Coronation Street, they have to have the right kind of wives. Women like Hilda and Vera were strong, but they also had humour and personality. Although it seemed that Karl was headed in that direction at first, I don't think it would ever have succeeded with a partner like Stella. Where would the humour come from in that relationship?

Janice. said...

Kirk is one. He is certainly ineffectual and helpless. David likes having things handed to him. Steve is not much of a hard worker, he'd rather be at the gold course than working.

njblas said...

Karl was perfectly positioned to become a feckless fella, until TPTB opted to transform him into a dastardly villain, bringing angst and drama into the life of our beloved heroine, St Ella The Beige. When the storyline plays out, he'll be gone and we'll be stuck with her:(

Anonymous said...

Was Eddie Yates a feckless fella, or just a bit of a conniver?You could never replace him with anyone as far as comic relief goes.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Not sure if people today really find "feckless fellas" a source of amusement. Stan Oggie and Eddie Yates were of another era, now he would just be seen as a scrounger and a lazy basket.

True tho that a feckless fella has to have a wife/partner as part of his double act. St Ella of the Frozen Expression would have fallen short of the mark.

Beth said...

Stan and Eddie were great together. Comedy gold and as Frosty says these kind of characters have to have a partner in crime to bounce their hair brained schemes off. Eddie's chickens and his under cover ice cream van selling booze to name just a few were just priceless to make a fast buck....which never did of course. They ended up losing more money than they made and never learned either.

Karl doesn't have a mate only boring beige Stella. But his character has been has been made nonredeemable now.

Steve and Lloyd can be funny together, it's just that I don't think that corrie writers can write good dialogue these days. It's either embarrassing stupidity or sensationalist over the top drama. Shame!

Chatty Kathy said...

I don't agree that Kirkay is a feckless fella. He seems to be a hard worker. He likes his fun, yes, but only after his work day is done.

I'm with Frosty. Feckless fellas are just not that amusing any more. They belong to a different age.

I don't think Karl would have made a feckless fella. He was always wound a little too tightly.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Windass COULD've been a perfect feckless fella if they hadn't given him the boot. :-(

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

I agree that Karl would fit the bill if he hadn't lost the plot and turned into a psychopath.


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