Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Corrie fans vote Betty as their favourite Rovers barmaid

Coronation Street Blog readers have voted for Betty Turpin as their favourite Rovers barmaid - narrowingly beating Bet Lynch!

Over 500 Corrie fans cast their votes in our poll and the results are announced as follows:

129 (24.48%) 
voted for Betty while 126 (23.91%) voted for Bet.
Becky Granger came in third place with 93 votes (17.65%).
Raquel Wolstenhulme came in fourth with 53 votes (10.6%).
Liz McDonald was in fifth place with 38 votes (7.21%) while Tina McIntyre wasn't far behind with 37 votes (7.02%).
Michelle Connor was in seventh place with 17 votes (3.23%) with Shelley Unwin receiving 16 votes (3.04%).
Gloria Todd was in ninth place with 6 votes (1.14%).

 voters opted to choose their own favourite barmaids with Geena Gregory, Sally Webster, Stella Price and Tanya Pooley receiving 2 votes each, while the remainder of the 'other' votes went to Tracy Barlow, Sunita Alahan and Irma Barlow.

It was a close call, but I'm happy that Betty has won the poll. She's the longest serving barmaid and she created the famous hotpot. She was a loyal member of the Rovers staff and is much missed behind the bar.

Are you glad that Betty came out on top? Or do you think that the accolade should be given to Bet Lynch? Or to any other barmaid? Let's hear your thoughts!

Our current poll here on the Coronation Street Blog asks fans to vote for their favourite Coronation Street battleaxe.  If you haven't voted yet, you can cast your vote here.

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Anonymous said...

I voted for Bet because it was in her era that I started watching the Street, and she is my favourite. But in my heart I knew that Betty deserved to win.

Anonymous said...

Betty should be ineligible as a mere 'barmaid' she was landlady lol

njblas said...

Hate seeing this photo of Betty reproduced, as it is the wrong way around! Somebody must have flipped the negative early on, and it has been reproduced this way ever since:( If you look at Betty's hairstyle compared with other photos you will see what I mean - the peak in her hairline is on the wrong side.

Llifon said...

There you go njblas. I've done Betty justice - I've managed to rotate the photo! :)

njblas said...

Thanks Llifon, I'm impressed - it's the first time I've ever seen that photo the right way around!

Kane Harding said...

I'm glad Gloria Todd came in the poll. She may not have been in the show long but Sue Jenkins played her with a combination of down to earth and class. Unlike most Corrie brassy barmaids she has a lot of subtly which made her an even more realistic character, as not all people are loud and boisterous. Wish Sue Jenkins had stayed longer as Gloria has to potential to become a Corrie icon.

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