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Sunday 28 April 2013

Leanne Batt-Til-Barlowsby - paragon of virtue?

When social historians sit down to evaluate the life of the lovely Leanne, as surely they will, how will they consider her life? The People's Prozzie? Queen of Tarts? Hopefully not but, in keeping with seemingly every other woman on the cobbles, Leanne is now morphing into someone else.

For a while it looked as though a new Leanne was emerging from the ruins of the old one. That somewhat nasty, calculating piece of work had developed into a slightly harassed but dedicated mum to young (scary) Simon. She was a wronged woman who was trying to do her best.

How times change. Leanne has now clambered up to her very own special place on the peak of the moral high ground. Last Friday saw her crowing like a demented harridan, cawing with delight as everyone's favourite drunks thrashed around in their car-crash of a relationship. There was a slight wave of sympathy extending to Leanne as she surveyed her former home, possibly the Street's most unpleasant flat, having undergone some kind of seventies porn flick make-under. Well that's Carla for you - more money than taste.

The return of 'embittered witch' Leanne doesn't make for particular edifying viewing.  We probably realise that she is drowning in a loveless marriage and that puts her in a vulnerable position. Realistically, a happy, mumsy Leanne would hardly be a great draw in an on-going drama. It would have been good though to finally see her a little more emotionally settled. As of yet, she has not reached the sanctimonious heights of Rita but the prospect of seeing Leanne screeching from the side lines forever and a day is not a good one. Leanne's past is, to say the least, chequered yet she conveniently forgets her call-girl, drug-addict, arsonist years. Her experiences should have mellowed her, maybe reigned her in a little.

Do we want to see Leanne as a more settled character or do we relish the opportunity of seeing her come out fighting yet again?

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I wouldn't say Leanne is in a loveless marriage; it's a mature, comfortable marriage. From the outside, it's infinitely preferable to the passionate turmoil she had with childish Peter. It's time the writers pushed the love square on and selling her share of the bookies should be closure for Leanne, and the viewers. Jane Danson is too good to simply have her screeching at her character's ex.

Carry On Blogging! said...

I think the reason Leanne has stayed at the centre of Corrie for so long is that her character keeps evolving and we see different facets through Jane Danson's superb portrayal. Personally I prefer the nicer Leanne but she is great at the bitchy comments too. I hope she is around for a long time to come.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Another unflattering photograph of a Corrie actress! I cannot help but like Leanne probably because Jane Danson is an excellent actress, and Leanne is a flawed character that doesnt hesitate to fight her corner. Dont forget the personality transplant fairy and soap amensia change characters to having multiple personalities all the time.

John McE said...

Leanne's character hasn't evolved. It's suddenly undergone a complete change, once again simply to suit the current storyline. "Spiteful Witch" sums her character on Friday's episodes perfectly. Just horrid.

Anonymous said...

She'd better be careful, she's starting to take after her mother!

Clinkers (David) said...

Agreed Frosty! Not the best photo of Leanne but I had a few download 'issues' and this was the only one I had on file.

abbyk said...

Anon 13:03, while holding court last night, she was wearing a beige jacket. The apple didn't fall too far.

I love Jane Danson's work. She makes me like an increasingly shrewish Leanne; last night was a great example. Leanne and Nick (also like) seem to have a good relationship. They can communicate with a glance instead of shouting. Hope they stick together and come out front once in a while, although I truly dread the upcoming Kylie's Baby Daddy story. Pleeeeeze be David's. I can handle a spat, but not another full blowout for Leanne.

Glenda Young said...

It's a good pic of Leanne, no complaints here. I like her, she's got balls.

Anonymous said...

Yah...that and a gobby mouth and selective amnesia. She's forgoteen that she was a prostie, arsonist, theif etc etc. She needs to be taken down a peg. Why would Carla pay her way more than the bookies is worth. She's supposed to be a shrewd business-woman yet buys a losing venture on a whim. is it that Leanne still has Simon? That would have been Peter's trump card...sell or I take the kid back..end of.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed they split Leanne and Peter. They were on the way to being a solid Street family. Splitting them in the manner they did, along with suddenly adding a back-story bringing in the Prices really ruined her character for me. I agree that she's in a loveless marriarage, and time and time again loveless marriages are boring and in the end waste both lives. Leanne and Peter had problems like every couple in love does, but they were more real as characters. Just MHO.

Anonymous said...

I liked Peter and Leanne together. She stood by him and helped him every time he fell of the wagon. That was love. And they were good parents together ~ except when Peter hit the booze. But then Carla saw something she wanted that wasn't hers. And, as usual, she decided to after it - just like she did with Liam.

I don't think Peter and Carla go well together. And I really think Peter is so pissed off at Carla for buying Leanne out because at least he still had "ties" with Leanne through the partnership in the bookies. I think it's pretty obvious Peter still has feelings for Leanne.

The writers should've left their little family unit alone.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

I agree Annonymous, Peter and Leanne would have been back together if Carla had not shown up when she did (remember Leanne's wedding day). I am surprised that Carla is still with Peter since usually people who only want what they can't have lose interest after acquisition.

I am bored with the love quadrangle of these four characters also but alas, I do not think it is totally over between Leanne and Peter either.

IMHO Jane Danson is an excellent actor and it is her portrayal that makes Leanne tolerable as a character. There is something really weird about Peter since he returned from California - I didn't like him much before but I find his new personality even more irritating - at least before he was real, now he is just weird.

Mrs Barton said...

Leanne makes me want to launch my slippers/remote/cup of tea at the telly when she shows up with her spiteful comments and smug face, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. A good soap needs a variety of characters.

I would just be careful if I was the writer/producer/actor that they're not writing the character of Leanne into a corner, because she needs some redeeming features to sustain longevity.

As for Peter Barlow, he's a waste of space and both Carla and Leanne are best rid!

Tvor said...

I like Leanne, I always have. I'm liking Carla more than in the early days as well and I always enjoyed Peter. I don't necessarily *like* them all the time, but i do enjoy the characters


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