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Thursday 18 April 2013

Clues to Corrie's summer wedding - who is getting hitched?

Further to our blog post earlier this week, wondering who will be getting hitched in Coronation Street's summer wedding, we now learn that fireman Paul isn't leaving the soap after all.

I'm therefore inclined to think the wedding might be that of Eileen and Paul. What do you think?  A lot of Corrie fans following us on twitter seem to think it might be Stella and Karl.

Well, since revealing the Corrie summer wedding on twitter, Coronation Street Director Terry Dyddgen-Jones has since teased his followers with this pic from the filming of the wedding and a tease of a tweet too:

"Another great day #corrie basking in the afterglow of a great wedding. Marcus and Sean could not stop talking about it at Roys Rolls"

With those black flowers in the pic, some fans are inclined to think it'd be Carla and Peter getting married, but I'm not so sure.  As we know the Rovers opens for business again it looks like a wedding in The Bistro rather than the Rovers. Who wouldn't want the Rovers? And what's with all the lemons?

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Anonymous said...

It has an & sign with an M after, Steve and Michelle?

Glenda Young said...

I think the sign says Mr & Mrs (or it could be Mr & Mr or even Mrs and Mrs!).

Janice. said...

"Sean and Marcus couldn't stop talking about it" The obvious answer is they get back together and marry. But I suspect that is a red herring as it is too obvious for a clue. Form the quirky decor I say Kirk and Beth. Marcus would be in the groom party and Sean with the bride as he works with Beth.

Anonymous said...

Considering Stella always looks like she's just sucked on a lemon; and Karl has a black heart, and both were sooty after the fire ... I'll say it's Beige Lady & Karl.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

When I saw the black flowers, I thought that was the kind of off-the-wall thing that Kylie might choose. But JB, I like your thinking re: Stella and Karl.

ChiaGwen said...

Never mind the wedding....the news that Paul is now NOT leaving is a shock - just when I thought we were rid of him. So, no reformed Eileen back in the fold of Streetcars.... a sad day. :(

njblas said...

I think Paul is still leaving...maybe it's just not quite as soon as we thought:(

Lily said...

I would like to think it's Peter and Carla, but I highly doubt that they would have their reception in the Bistro.

I think it's Paul and Eileen, and that Paul's character will eventually leave a few months down the line.

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't want the Rovers? Carla wouldn't. She once made Peter promise never to propose to her in there. The decor looks stylish more than quirky-- I vote Peter and Carla, only how did they get Leanne to agree?

Tvor said...

Most of the couples would probably go for the Rovers i thought. Peter and Carla would be more likely.

Anonymous said...

Tvor... yes, but Nick is David's brother, so David and Kylie would more likely have their reception at the Bistro (family discount).

Chatty Kathy said...

@ Anon 15:41

I think Kylie and David are already married. I seem to remember she was introduced to the show as his wife.


Carla is the only Corrie woman who I believe would fancy black wedding flowers. But she and Peter have a story line coming up involving the bookies (yay!) where their relationship becomes strained as he seems to harbor feelings for Leanne. So I'm doubting it's Carla/Peter nuptials, UNLESS he feels forced into it to prove that he loves Carla. And to further convince her that he's over Leanne, Peter might agree to have the reception at the Bistro.

I don't think it would be St Ella and Snarl because that centerpiece isn't a study in beigeness.

And I love JB's sucking on lemons and black heart comment! :)

Seriously though, I vote that it's Beige Lady and Snarl.

Anonymous said...

Peter and Carla..her garrish taste of black and yellow...blech.

Anonymous said...

Paul isn't leaving? Isn't Brian leaving? Is Paul going to put the moves on Julie? They're better suited than Paul and Eileen IMO.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I hope Peter and Carla do get married one day but if the wedding has been filmed, it will be on screen in approximately 6 weeks time, so I don't think it's them.
I'm pretty sure Peter recently asked Carla if she wanted him to propose to her and she said no, she's happy as they are.

Stella and Karl get engaged so I think it's probably their wedding.
But then, Eileen and Paul are/were also engaged so it could be theirs.

Maybe a gay couple (who know Marcus and Sean) get married.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a very quirky wedding; my vote is Julie and Brian! Then let them move away.

Anonymous said...

Chatty Kathy, you're right. I keep forgetting that David and Kylie are already married. I guess it's because we didn't see the wedding.

Scarlett said...

Chatty Kathy, I hope you don't mind me saying but I don't believe that's what happens to Peter and Carla. Although I did read that version too (taken from one of the soap mags)
What actually happens is Carla goes behind Peter's back and buys Leanne's share of the Bookies and then she decides to put Rob in there to help because the business is failing. Peter is then forced to work with Rob.

I think it's Stella and Karl getting married.

njblas said...

David and Kylie got married in a double ceremony with Graeme and Xin. Judging by the comments above, it obviously wasn't very memorable!! LOL


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