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Friday 12 April 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 12 April

Coronation Street, Friday 12th April 2013 at 7.30pm

KARL FINALLY CRACKS AT SUNITA’S FUNERAL. Karl tries to wriggle out of attending the funeral but when he realises how much it means to Stella he caves in and agrees to go. None of Sunita’s family attend as she’s brought shame to the family. As Dev delivers the eulogy he breaks down. No longer able to control his own emotions, Karl runs from the crematorium. Stella goes after him. Struggling with the burden of guilt, will Karl tell Stella the truth?
EILEEN BATTLES HER EMOTIONS. Eileen does her best to hide her worries as Paul returns to work but when she hears a news report about a local factory fire ,which has claimed two lives, she’s on pins. Confiding in Jason, Eileen admits she can’t deal with the stress.
ANNA AGREES TO TEA AT TIM’S. Faye persuades Tim to invite Anna and Owen round for supper then they can get to know him. Anna reluctantly agrees for Faye’s sake. But when she finds Tim struggling to make a lasagne will she offer the hand of friendship?
Elsewhere Fiz worries that Chesney’s not really coping without Katy.

Friday 12th April 2013 at 8.30pm

EMOTIONS RISE FOR STELLA AND KARL AMONGST THE HEADSTONES. As Karl unburdens himself he tells Stella he loves her. How will Stella react to his confession? After the funeral the mourners head back to the bistro for the wake. Gloria and Eva sing Karl’s praises for rescuing Stella from the Rovers fire but Leanne’s unimpressed, pointing out that a leopard never changes its spots. Will Leanne be proved right?
EILEEN AND PAUL ARE FURTHER APART THAN EVER. Frantic with worry, Eileen leaves yet another message on Paul’s phone. Weary Paul returns safely but Steve drags him for a drink before he can call Eileen. When he finally returns home Eileen tells Paul she can’t live in constant fear and he’ll have to leave his job. Will Paul agree in a bid to save their relationship?
ANNA FEELS GUILTY FOR UPSETTING FAYE. The conversation is stilted as Anna, Owen and Faye have supper at Tim’s flat. When Faye then asks if she can stay the night Anna refuses, later admitting to Owen that she hates Tim for turning their lives upside down.
Elsewhere Chesney calls round to see Joseph. Katy tries her best to be friendly but Chesney remains cold towards her. Will anyone be able to talk him into forgiving Katy?

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Billy Niblick said...

Have to say again, a nicely restrained performance from Jimi Harkishin as Dev. Given his long track record of insanely over the top overacting, I was wary of how he would handle sensitive scenes like these. But fair play to Jimi, he"s knocked the ball out of the park.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Corrie after the last episode and the fiasco with Karl still looks like continuing ...I have decided to stop watching until he gets his cumipence...his has spoilt the other story lines sad as I have been watching since 1960...

Anonymous said...

Never mind that..I'm still waiting for Tracy to get hers. She got away with murder so why shouldn't Karl?

Anonymous said...

Someone give me a fork so I can stab out my eyes! I find Dev rather funny, however the Fayester needs to go! Mummy Anna needs to woman up and tell her special little snowflake to take a hike. That child is a simmering, seething pool of evil.


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