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Sunday 14 April 2013

Corrie weekly awards: April 8 - 12

Tattoo You award: It's been quite some time since we've seen Peter's tatts!

Shoots yourself in the foot award: Eileen can't keep her neb out of Paul's business.  If she's too scared, she'll have to end the relationship.

Foot in mouth award: Sophie's remark about gossip spreading like wild fire. Ooops!

Everyday life award: Fiz and Tyrone debating red and brown sauce. Awww it's nice to see them doing normal stuff.

Peeing contest award: Rob and Peter banging horns on the top of the mountain. 

Inappropriate award: (1) Anna had no business bothering Dev about who he rents the shop flat to. Not at a time like this.
(2)That business with Steve's suit and button popping was absolutely not needed.

Suffering Artiste award:  Actually, it's not the artist that's suffering, it's everyone else!

Lines of the week:
Deirdre about her candle holder "You will not find anything like that in a department store, it's a one off" (I Love it that Deirdre's pots and  things are still lurking in the corners!)
Tracy "Would it kill you to pretend to be listening?" Ken "I was. Pretending to be listening"
Tracy "Just because we didn't break up a marraige doesn't make us less of a couple"
Mary "Cliches are cliches for a reason. Personally I avoid them like the plague"
Peter about Rob and Tracy "Can you imagine if them two had a kid?" Carla "I don't have to. I have seen The Omen" (Damien!!!!!)
Eva "Have you booked the horses? The wild ones you'd have to have to get me to that cow's funeral"
Dev "Is there a subject on the planet that you are not an expert on, Mr. Cropper" (no, not much)
Sylvia "Children need parents that get on otherwise they'll turn out very oddly" (Roy got the point)
Karl "I killed Sunita" (oh you didn't think he'd *really* confess the real deal did you?)
Steve about Lloyd's tombstone "Go on then, just the one" Paul "What's on yours?" Steve "It's not my fault" (got it in one!!!)
Paul "This can't be the end?" Eileen "'cept it is"

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I liked the button popping off Steve's jacket. Totally inappropriate things do happen at funerals. But Anna turning up at Dev's about Tim renting the flat was crass. Equally, Eileen turning up at Sunita's wake and ignoring the bereaved husband was so rude. Paul was almost as bad. If you're going to pay your respects, don't wait for the widower to come up to you. He should have approached Dev as soon as he walked in the Bistro. Actually, was the scene written by young people who'd never been to a funeral wake?

Stella's becoming unbearable. I suppose she'll be helping Dev go through Sunita's personal effects.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Crass remark award: OK so calling Dev’s kids Aldi and Asda was quite funny but is it amusing for Boria to take the Mickey out of two little kids that have just lost their mum? No - totally inappropriate and just nasty. And what was she doing at the drinks at the ‘wake’. Wouldn’t go to the funeral and bad mouths Sunita again and again but turns up for the freebies. This woman just gets viler and viler.

Ginger Whinger award: Does Chesney ever shut up moaning? Tim called him an idiot but Frosty can think of worse to call him.

Playing for time award: The Eileen and Paul business, so contrived as we all know Paul is going, it cant come soon enough for Frosty. Tedious in the extreme. Totally out of order the way Eileen burst into the Bistro in the middle of the wake just to have a go at Paul.

Caught you award: Jason looking at porn on his lap top.

Convenient award: Every time Faye is walking down the street or they come out of their house - hey presto – along comes Tim and she can shout ‘Hiya Dad’ and make a few more demands.

Far too much award: The Karl story is good but unfortunately as good as John Michie is, it seems that we have to have St Ella of the Beige in every scene alongside him and its driving Frosty potty, she may one day be able to crack an expression on that face.

Rent a crowd award: You would expect dozens and dozens of the Hindu faith to attend Sunita’s funeral. Sunita worked in the shop for years and must have known dozens of people, Dev must have known lots of people through his business and children and you would expect him to be angry that so many people had snubbed her in death. Silly behaviour from clowns Lloyd and Steve was also not appropriate at the service.

Anonymous said...

No Class award...Most of the characters in this soap. They knew Sunita for years and except for a few, nobody even bothered to come out to the street to see her off let alone go to her funeral. Where did all that famous Corrie compassion go? Where were the sancitmonious Emily and the Yoda Rita? Dev said he wanted just a few family members but Stella invited Karl and told Gloria and Eva they should go to. Not well done IMO. At least Roy offered to close the cafe.

Tvor said...

Dev seemed insistent that he wanted Sunita's funeral to be very small. It did seem odd that the residents didn't stand out in the street, however.

Chatty Kathy said...

The "We used up our budget on pyrotechnics so we can't afford our actors" award: The Corrie PTB for giving Sunita the poorest funeral attendance ever on the street. Very poorly done, and it makes the residents look heartless and mean.

Beth said...

All about me award: Dev insiting he wanted a small funeral however St Ella thinking it her place to invite who she wanted to be there with 'HER'.

Karl: I don't want to go Stella
Stella: You must go, *I* want you there

Gloria: Murderer, bla bla bla so I'm not going
Stella: Oh but mum, stop thinking of yourself, *I* want you there.

and so on and on....

When did this show start and end with Stella? She's the ruination of the street.

Chatty Kathy said...

I'm curious. If any of you bloggers know any of the CS writers, are they aware how unpopular St Ella and Boria are? I don't know what their motives are for Boria, but I'm assuming that they want us to like Beige Lady. Do they realize that we don't want her in our faces every 5 minutes, and we really hate her?

I know it's the producer's decision to make her the star of Corrie (okay, I just threw up in my mouth a little), but surely he must see the colossal mistake it is.

Does anyone here have any contact with the writers or even Stuart Blackburn? I'd be interested to know if they have their butts up their a**es, or if they know our feelings and just don't care.

That would make a great blog if one of them could be interviewed.

Chatty Kathy said...

I meant to say "their heads up their a**es".

Ida Reigns said...

But Frosty, Tim is unemployed and actually stalking Faye, so it really isn't by chance he's around all the time. After all, he likely hopes to live of her social benefits once he takes her in and once that bores him it'll be revealed he's sold her into slavery as part of his human trafficking ring!

Stella's involvement with Sunita's funeral was inappropriate all the way around. Despite her comments that she believes Sunita is innocent until proven guilty, Sunita was the other woman who betrayed her friendship while employed at the Rover's! The fast and steady residents of the Street pass on Sunita's funeral but Stella simply MUST be there? Utterly illogical, along with Boria taking the mickey out of Sunita's kids while slamming free drinks down her gullet. This family has now become repuslive!

abbyk said...

Fans have longer memories than writers award: for Peter forgetting to let Shelly know about her friend's injuries and funeral. (seriously, I sometimes feel Corrie is written by a bunch of 20 somethings who know nothing about life and just started watching last week)

ChiaGwen said...

Sour Lemon Face But May Have A Working Brain Award: I think Leanne has a gut feeling that Karl is not so innocent. An Audrey/Hillman scenario is possible with Beigey and Boria believing Karl over Leanne with near tragic results..?

Mad Hatter said...

@abbyk, Shelly left 7 years ago, her and Peter's last appearance was 10 years ago. Do you really think they still have contact, especially what happened between them? I think fans forget that people do lose contact in real life. The only one close to getting in contact with Shelly is Deirdre as she still visits Bev now and again, but it really depends on Shelly's lifestyle at the moment.

Chatty Kathy said...

Beth wrote: "When did this show start and end with Stella? She's the ruination of the street. "

I agree completely. We have now acquired a "star" of the show. :(

abbyk said...

@ Mad Hatter, actually, yes, I do. Peter's basically a nice person, a flawed and broken one, but with underlying decency. I don't think he hated Shelly and was a remorseful for the whole bigamy situation. Since S&S were best friends and finding a person is pretty easy these days, I would have expected him to at least think of her, for a bit of continuity. Or, as you said, Deirdre.


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