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Monday 29 April 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 29 April

The first scene to greet us tonight is Eileen lying prostrate on the sofa fully ensconced in self-pity mode. How great it would have been if Dexy's Midnight Runners had strolled on singing 'Come on Eileen'. So Paul is going to Yorkshire. This said as if Yorkshire is a million miles away, rather than it being an easy drive across the Pennines and this is 2013 not 1700. Bizarre! Also - did anyone else think it strange that Paul was going to Yorkshire and no indication of where in Yorkshire?Was it Leeds? We saw a sign to Leeds at the station and later we learn that Paul only got to Huddersfield but with a hint that Huddersfield was not the destination.So was it made clear where he was going?

 Julie, trying as ever to help, brings up the scene in The Graduate where Dustin Hoffman stops Elaine's wedding. Eileen - Elaine - what's in a name? 'Time is of the essence,' warns Julie.

What a lovely breakfast Carla has cooked. Peter though, swiftly loses his appetite when Carla informs him that he will be working with Rob. He pushes the plate away and gives Carla a long reproachful stare before leaving the flat to head, we soon learn, to Roy's.Hope somebody ate that spare breakfast.

Stella and Karl return tonight from Cornwall and there is spilt clotted cream to contend with. Stella does try to explain the mystery that are women's bags. 'That's not my handbag,' she says as Karl mentions that she has clotted cream in her handbag. 'That's my bag, this is my handbag.' Precisely Stella, whose hair was so shiny, it practically sparkled.

Deidre was on top form tonight. 'Just the woman I've been looking for,' says Jason, in a bid to help his mum.
'Can I have that on film and play it back on a daily basis?' Why not Deirdre, why not indeed! So, before rustling up a coq au vin with shallots and removing a cake from its box and trying to locate the squirty cream that has been hanging around for a while, Deidre sat on Eileen's sofa as the film  Ghost played and Unchained Melody rang out in the background.  'The finest, the funniest, the fittest,' opined Eileen, but we knew didn't we, that the move to Yorkshire would be cancelled. Again - where in Yorkshire? Why so unrevelatory?

Good scenes in the bookies tonight.with Rob, Carla and Peter. Oddly though, after some impressive sniping between Peter and Rob they must have arrived, at least superficially, at a way of coping with each other. That apparent bonhomie was soon to be revealed as just show, as Peter and Ken share their views of  Rob, 'the human oil slick'. The bookies did look good though. The line Rob delivered about the now extinct vending machine, that it delivered 'tea, soup and botulism,' was superb as was Peter's reaction to the word 'rebranding'  of which he wholly disapproved .Peter though appears confident that Rob will soon be 'crying for his mummy' and 'running back to his knicker factory.'

And the rest, or at least most of it - Karl proposes to Stella who feels a wedding now would not be right. Karl becomes unpleasant and walks out after reminding Stella of all he's done for her. Tyrone is going back to work, Anna is concerned about Gary and his feelings for Tina. But the best of the rest was the invoking of the ghost of Mike Baldwin. Sorry Rob, but you are not a patch on him.

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Llifon said...

I thought it very powerful when Ken mentioned Mike Baldwin. Although I would've liked it if he'd just said, through gritted teeth: "Baldwin". Maybe that's why Deirdre's so taken by Rob?

Ross said...

I found the Carla, Peter, Rob scenes hilarious! I didn't expect that.

Carla saying she 'cooks' all the time, Peter saying that all she did was make a toastie last week -
Then Carla's line: "It started off cold, I made it hot, that baby, is cooking!" Corrie gold!!!

Rob and Peter pretending to be 'bezzies', very funny! Also Loved the scenes at the Barlows. Deirdre's not just a pretty face, apparently! Pretending she baked the cake and then Carla seeing the box!
Ken and Peter comparing Rob to Mike Baldwin was interesting!

Steve and Lloyd had me in stitches.

Anonymous said...

Another high point was Owen reminding Izzy that she's a harda$$. "Since when did you ever care what other people thought?"

abbyk said...

And there was dinner with Fiz and the boys, simple and real. Tommy actually smiled. Ah, bromance. Felt like a Jack and Vera moment.

Dissing Amy in front of her attentive grandfather, not a wise move, Rob. He and Tracy are so well suited -- they both live to smirk.

Anonymous said...

If this brings Ken and Peter closer, that will be interesting to watch, at the same time Jason's bond with Eileen is stronger every day. Get Owen and Izzy on the same page, it'll be a parent-grown up kid trifecta!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Tyrone sell his share of the garage to Kevin when he was planning to run away with Ruby? Is he coming back as Kevin's employee, or did I miss something?

njblas said...

Hmmmm...I remember Tyrone being so desperate for cash that he agreed to take a much lower sum from Kevin than he originally asked for. But whether the money was ever handed over and the deal finalised, I don't recall.

John McE said...

Why exactly is Sally so worried about the garage? She isn't married or living with Kev, is she?

Why, when Sally came round to see Tyronne, didn't one of them at least ask how Bill was doing?

And how in God's name are we expected to believe that within 3 hours of gaining entry to the bookies, Rob has managed to arrange a new computer system, new coffee machine, new monitors, new counter etc. Just ridiculous!

For any soap to be worth watching, there has to be some semblance of reality, surely?

rita duck said...

i enjoyed corrie last night best for a long time dont like her and carl or the baby thing loved fiz tommy and ty

Frosty the Snowman said...

You would have thought Tommeh would have been glad of a job after his last escapades, didnt take him long to start moaning and threatening to close down the garage, how busy can a back street garage be I wonder??

Anonymous said...

Rob learned his business savvy in prison you know. It's THE place to be for someone wanting to get a jump on the competition in the job market once you're released!

Eileen...go away ... just go..this whole 2 months has been nothing but her arse parked on the sofa whining and moaning about Paul and she's the one who threw him out! He needs to grow a pair and tell her to shut the eff up already!!

Tvor said...

Kevin took Tommy back on at the garage a couple of months ago. I don't remember if Tyrone ever did get the money from Kevin. The only money i remember was some that Chesney gathered together for them. They didn't have a lot of cash when they went on the run intially so I presume that Kevin hadn't paid Tyrone the agreed too-low sum. If he has, I suppose Tyrone will just be back as an employee rather than part owner.

ChiaGwen said...

Those writers have to be reading this blog/1 - did you see the moment where after Tracy was sniping at Tommy and turned away, he had the spanner in his hand and lifted it as if he was going to bash her over the head - I couldn't believe it and laughed out loud. Also Lloyd and Steve going on about tiny fireman's beige jackets, though couldn't make out what they compared them to..hilarious..and mentioned often in the comment section here! Agree John McE - the complete overhaul of the Bookies, paint on walls, new counter, etc. done in the space of 5 minutes - must have been done in the middle of the night as wouldn't it open around 9:00 a.m. or earlier?

Llifon said...

I did love Steve taking the mick out of Paul as well!

Chatty Kathy said...

Despite having said that I won't be watching CS until certain actors are gone or faded into the background, I decided that I won't be chased away by these horrible characters. I just use their screen time to catch up on emails, work, make a fresh cuppa, etc.

I'm really glad of my decision, because last night's ep was excellent, imo. (At least those parts I actually paid attention to.)

I enjoyed:

Fiz reassuring Tyrone that she wants him to be happy, and if that means working at the garage, she's fine with that. So accustomed to crazy Kirsty, he was afraid to ask Fiz about it and risk drama and punishment.

And the dinner scene with them and Tommy was just so nice. Such a stark contrast to his time with Kirsty, when a simple get together would have been ruined by her controlling and paranoid behavior, and her obvious hatred for anything and everyone that Tyrone enjoys that wasn't about her. It was a fun scene, especially with Fiz's bromance comment.

The Deirdre/Eileen scene. Finally Deirdre had a scene where she wasn't relegated to being a Tracy appendage, and she didn't have to defend her. Just pure Deirdreness as we know and love her. And her comment to Jason about him wanting her was priceless.

The dinner party at Ken and Deirdre's. As much as I dislike the way the new producer is following his predecessor's love affair with the dreaded Price clan, I do like how he is humanizing Tracy. I don't know if I'll ever be a fan of hers, but at least I haven't wanted to slap her whenever she's on lately. That in itself is a feat.

The way Ken and Peter were bonding over their mutual distrust of Rob was sort of heart warming. And for once, despite all the goading from Rob, Peter didn't skulk off, all broody and mopey like a 15 year old.

The cab office scene with Steve and Lloyd ragging on Paul's "buff, tan" jacket. They never said beige, but we know that's what they meant. I took that as a sly tip of the hat to us blogsters. :)

The Peter/Carla storyline that for once doesn't involve alcohol, Simon, or Leanne. Now that Leanne has sold her bookies share, she's out of that picture. Finally a story with them that's not dreary and depressing!

Jason continues to delight, and Eileen actually smiled!

Rosie said...

I too enjoyed last nights episodes, dare I hold my breath, it looks like things are improving.

Kate said...

Aside from the scenes at Ken and Deirdre's I didn't really enjoy the episodes. The break from Gloria, Stella, & co. wasn't long enough. I didn't mind either of them at the start but they both are becoming worse and worse. The Windass clan is being overexposed as well.

Charlotte said...

Totally agree with Chatty Kathy, especially about the Peter/Carla storyline.

Thank you writers, thank you Mr Blackburn.

Cobblestone said...

I'm entirely with Chatty Kathy. I loved the Fizz/Tyrone/Tommy scenes. Fizz and Tyrone really seem like a REAL couple, perfectly matched. Hope they stay together for a very long tie now they've finally managed to get together. Great to see a cheerier side of Tommy - although I'd like to see more of him with Rita & Dennis when it's not just about him venting and them sympathising. He's the first young man Rita has taken under wing and I'd like to see more development there.
I also think Tracy has been much improved of late, and positively human. It was particularly noticable in the Bistro scene last week, when she was actually defending Peter. Mary also seems to be heading in a new - improved - direction; still batty as one of Royston;s inner-city consevation sites, but without the repellant mean-spiritedness. This (and the prospect of more of th Croppers coming up) seems a real ray of light in what's been a very beige tunnel ...


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