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Friday 26 April 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 26 April

Coronation Street, Friday 26th April 2013 at 7.30pm

CARLA AND LEANNE STRIKE A DEAL. When Carla suggests Peter should buy Leanne out of the bookies he tetchily insists he doesn’t have the money and she should mind her own business. Wanting to help Carla goes to Leanne and offers to buy her half of the betting shop. Leanne drives a hard bargain until Carla agrees to pay over the odds. Leanne’s delighted but how will Peter react to the news?
GARY GATECRASHES TOMMY’S LUNCH WITH TINA. Tommy and Tina go to the Bistro for lunch but their meal is interrupted when Gary arrives and presents Tina with her dad’s wedding ring, which he tracked down and bought in a pawnshop. Tina’s overjoyed while a seething Tommy angrily accuses Gary of having feelings for Tina. How will Tina react to his suggestion?
FIZ IS HORRIFIED TO LEARN THAT KATY AND RYAN ARE TOGETHER. Katy asks Ryan if he’s genuinely interested in her but will he commit? Fiz forces a moping Chesney to buck up and get back to work, as he still has to provide for Joseph. But how will she react when she hears the news about Katy and Ryan?
Elsewhere Mary continues to fuss around Dev. He’s grateful but suggests he tries to cope by himself for a while. Faye’s downcast when Tim leaves her home alone with a DVD so he can go for a pint with Jason.

Friday 26th April 2013 at 8.30pm

PETER’S FURIOUS AT CARLA’S BUSINESS PROPOSAL. Peter’s furious to realise Carla’s gone behind his back and bought Leanne’s share of the bookies. Carla insists she’s done him a favour but Peter’s seething. As Nick and Leanne gloat over Carla’s cheque, Rob takes great relish in winding Peter up, lecturing Carla on how to turn the bookies around and increase profits. Realising Rob’s potential, Carla has a shock proposition but how will Peter react?
ANNA UNCOVERS GARY’S LIE. Izzy’s bemused when Tommy suggests she keep an eye on Gary. She quizzes Gary, wanting to know what Tommy meant, but Gary plays it down and tells her how he bought Tina’s dad’s wedding ring back from a pawn shop and Tommy’s just jealous. Izzy’s appeased but when Anna discovers the receipt she’s horrified to see Gary lied about how much he spent and starts to wonder if there was some truth in Tommy’s warning.
CHESNEY’S GUTTED BY THE TRUTH. How will Chesney react to the news about Katy and Ryan?
Elsewhere Anna visits Faye at Tim’s flat. Will she find Faye home alone?

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FJH said...

I'm sorry, but something is so unsettling about this Gary and Tina plot. I really feel it's implying that fathers naturally and inevitably fall in love with the women carrying their children, and neither fair to Izzy's character nor the disabled or infertile women who could have thought the surrogacy story an inspiration. I'd be relieved if the writers let the story go before the birth and chalked it up to Gary getting in over his head, but if they actually split Gary and Izzy up so that he and Tina can raise the baby, then I will truly stop watching Corrie. It feels like it's a PSA for women not to hire surrogates--very non-progressive.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Why is Leanne so desperate for the money from the bookies anyhow? She has a husband who has a restaurant that is always packed to the rafters and getting all the custom now the Rovers is shut. Just an excuse to be mardy. And WHY does Rob always call Carla "sis"? Never heard anyone in the real world that refers to their sister like this. Daft.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It sounds like Mary is developing a crush on Dev. There was a line this week - Mary: 'They say a lot of things in French ...' Given her history, she could end up becoming obsessive again. It's in character, but it's disappointing. We've had Mad Maya so that would be stalker no. 2 for Dev. Also, I was looking forward to a non-romantic story for once where Mary finds her niche caring for Dev's children and becomes normal. Any chance?

Rosie said...

Mmmm I wonder if Anna and Tim have cooked up a plan to make Faye realise that living with him isn't going to be as good as she thought, late nights and being left alone, she might prefer to live with Anna after all.

Anonymous said...

Off topic here...question...why did Faye and 'me dad' show up at Eileen's the other find Jason? Doesn't he have a phone? I think it was so Tim could see Sean..I think there's something brewing there..just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:13...
I thought it was so that Sean could tell Anna that Tim hadn't given Faye her breakfast.

Chatty Kathy said...

I wondered also why Tim didn't just phone Jason when he had on his hands a tired, hungry child who was probably late for school. A plot device yes, but nonsensical.

ChiaGwen said...

Why didn't Carla do the decent thing and lend Peter the money to buy out Leanne instead of going behind his back and doing it this the start of Peter realizing that Carla is not 'the love of his life?' Odd, how Sean opened the door, saw Tim and Faye standing there, but instead of asking what they wanted, had them come all the way into the house before Tim asked for Jason. If it was a plot device for Sean to hear that Faye didn't eat breakfast, they still could have done it at the door as he had the sandwich with him when answering the door.

Anonymous said...

Ok..I surrender. I give up. I will stop watching because of the continuous and torturous (if there is such a word) of Ryan and Katie. He is a snore fest. One monotone line delivery and her...staring back at him gooeye eyed and smirking..just as bad. cat could give it a better go than these two. He asked her to be his girlfriend with as much enthusiasm as if he were asking someone to pass him the marmalade.

Christ on a cracker...will someone give this writers a wake up call???

Anonymous said...

One of my brothers calls me sis every time I see him. You need to get out more methinks!


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