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Sunday 28 April 2013

Corrie Weekly Awards: April 22 - 26

Fifth Wheel award: Izzy feels like a spare part watching Tina and Gary laughing together and participating in the classes.

Swinging the lead award: Faye does not normally have toast with chocolate spread and chocolate milk for breakfast

Shot yourself in the foot award: Chesney is pushing Katy right back to Ryan with his jealousy.

Wonderbra award: Katy really did have herself done up like a dog's dinner, tight dress, very high heels and push up bra.

Plank award: Chesney. Definitely

Pants on Fire award: Gary's lying about the ring.

Mary not-so-Bobbins award: Mary's making herself indispensible.

Donald Trump award: Leanne drives a hard bargain.

X Factor award: Up and coming star Faye Windass?

Peeing contest: Rob and Peter are still at it, naturally Carla would think Peter and Rob will work well together. I don't think.

Smug award: Leanne and Nick.

Lines of the week
Anna about Faye "I don't want her to be happy (with Tim), I want her to be dead miserable"
Chesney "You make it sound like it's all my fault, like I'm the one being unreasonable" (you are being unreasonable, now)
Fiz to Chesney "You need to stop acting like some daft little kid and man up!" (I've been saying that for weeks)
Steve "I'll have you know I'm in great shape" Ryan "Yeah. Round is a shape"
Steve "I wouldn't be caught gambling if there wasn't an element of risk"
Mary to Dev "You can do this, you know, but it's a marathon, not a sprint"
Leanne "I'd say you got yourself a bargain there, Carla" Carla "And I'd say you're the luckiest cow in Manchester"
Peter "You've backed me into a corner" Carla "I've thrown you a lifeline"
Carla "Leanne knows the square root of chuff all"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty's awards:

Creepy nuisance award: R’Garreh who gave such a commendable speech not so long ago about his dedication to and love for Izzy is now following Tina around like a stalker with a very strange look on his face. Tina must be as thick as two short planks (!) if she didn’t find it rude the way he burst into her and Tommy’s little lunch in the Bistro.

Seemed like a good idea at the time award: It didn’t take Tim long to get bored of staying in with his 11 year old. A pint or three in the pub with the man he spends all day with is obviously more tempting that the daughter he has just found after 11 years. Hm.

Another creepy nuisance award: Everyone can see where this Dev and Mary nonsense is going, no doubt she will be tying him up a la Norris before very long. It’s a shame that she couldn’t just rub along with him and the kids and act normal for a bit. If she does turn out to be an unbalanced loon with a crush again then the character should go IMO. Why does she always begin a sentence with Ah ah ah, its becoming very irritating. Norris does the same.

Conspicuous by their absence award: So nice that the Prices have been absent from oru screens this week – its been LOVELY.

Beam me up award: Anyone notice how Leanne buzzed Peter’s flat and was suddenly there in about 1 second?????

Humpty Dumpty said...

I've always found it odd that people can march into the Bistro to have a chat with someone, bypassing the maître d'.

Chatty Kathy said...

The 'Familirity Breeds Contempt, But Absense Doesn't Always Make The Heart Grow Fonder Award: St Ella and Boria

Anonymous said...

Most boring reunion..Ryan and Katy.."I want you to be me girlfriend" with as much enthusiasm as making a kebab Katy..'blink blink' 'stare stare'..'ok then'..zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Body snatcher..where's Tracy B? Whoever it was that is replacing the repulsive TB was very quiet and concerned about her bro's welfare which I find very odd for her. Must be a build up to the upcoming 'edge of your seat' panty theft thriller...

Sanctimonious Slut...Leanne. 'nuff said'.

Where is Peter Barlow? Who is this whiney whimp taking his place? Give the man a goddam hamburger. He really is on my last nerve.

Ida Reigns said...

That Leanne has certainly transformed into a miserable cow! Her nonsense about getting one up on Peter... and I still can't get my head around how on earth she'd end up with custody of the devil-spawn Simon.

I'm hoping this business with Mary and Dev will not take a trip down creeper lane, as all of these characters could do with a storyline that gives us a look at what makes them tick and gives them some sort of purpose for being on our screen.

That business with Gary stalking Tina is directly related to his PTSD. The man can't help himself but I sure hope someone in his life encourages him to get help before it's too late!

FJH said...

Well, at least we now know the deal with Tim: he's just a scumbag.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how Tim's actions make him a scumbag. They suggest he's clueless, but scummy?

I think the writers are showing how much Faye takes for granted the intact family life she enjoys chez Windass. People without kids have no idea how much work they are. Even conscientious single parents sometimes don't have time to make breakfast or have to leave their kids alone if they don't have extended family members to take over in emergencies.

Right now, the writers seem to be exploiting parallels between Dev's situation and Tim's. Dev makes a bargain with the devil (Mary), which he did in a clinch when he was pressured and had no one to watch the twins. Tim, the former bachelor, is adopting a laissez-faire approach.

There's something seriously off about Tim, but it remains a tease what it is. Right now, he's a foil for Anna, as inexperienced at parenting as he is at cooking.


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