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Saturday 20 April 2013

My current Corrie highs and lows

Here we go with a quick round up of what this Corrie fan is loving and loathing in Coronation Street at the moment. Just my own personal views and opinions, but please feel free to comment and share your own thoughts!

We may as well start with some positives:

- I like that they are finally trying to take Mary in a different direction. She has been a spare part for a long time and the whole Norris thing should have died a death long ago. Although in reality someone like Dev would have hired a nanny through an agency, I hope this new storyline suits the character of Mary and shows the viewers a different side to her. Maybe they can bring out the best in each other?

- I really enjoyed the arrival of Sinead Tinker last night. I don't know if she will become a regular character but I certainly hope so. She appeared to be a very refreshing change as far as I could see. She was normal, polite, she didn't screech, get drunk or dance on tables. All very promising! It was also good to see another member of the Tinker family and more scenes with Beth and Kirk. Where was Craig though?

- Finally Anna saw sense and handed foul Faye over to her dad Tim. Here's hoping Faye finds out the grass definitely isn't greener on the other side of the street and returns to Anna with a massive apology. Yes, I know Faye is a damaged little girl, but it has been horrible to watch this play out. Either that or we can only hope Tim proves to be a brilliant dad and they both leave Weatherfield.

And now for the negatives:

- The Anna and Faye story. Why oh why have social services only become involved now? And only because Faye made the allegation. Surely as soon as Tim made contact, never mind moved into the street Anna would have informed social services and they would have mediated this situation? I don't think it paints a great picture, but I guess it makes for better drama.

- I've had enough of Norris being horrible to everyone. Yes I know it was Eileen on Friday and she ain't perfect but he really doesn't have a kind word for anyone. Norris hasn't had a decent storyline in quite some time, he just pops up regularly, is nasty to whoever crosses his path and disappears again. I know the character has more layers than that so perhaps it is time for the writers to show them again? 

- Eileen Grimshaw! Grim by name, grim by nature! Get a grip woman! To a certain extent she has brought her current misery on herself and in my view she is really lucky to have a grown up son who looks after her and an enthusiastic half-sister in Julie. The whole Paul and Eileen break up didn't work for me and I feel like it's really being drawn out. Eileen desperately needs to come back from her holiday with a smile on her face. Let's just hope she doesn't do a Deirdre and return with a toy boy. 

So what do you think about Corrie at the moment? What do you like and what do you loathe?

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Anonymous said...

Sinead reminded me of a young Sally Webster when she first arrived on the street!

Beth said...

Loved, loved, loved Sinead. She was nothing like I imagined she'd be (another Beth!!!) and was such a refreshing change and so 'normal' which is so out of place these days on the street lol. Hope she sticks around.

Disliked: So much we'll be here all day..... Faye, Anna, Eileen, Paul, Gloria, St Ella, Karl....

A side note and credit where it's due - I've never liked Sophie Webster and always had negative things to say about her, but she's really stepped up these few weeks and is far more likable, mature and less stompy and grouchy. (Still needs diction lessons though!)

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yep even crusty old Frosty liked Sinead and she would be a welcome addition to the cast. She seemed sweet and not brash like her auntie.

Disliked: How ridiculous in 2013 that you would just put a postcard in a window for any old jane the lad to look after your kids, you have to have criminal record checks by law. You wouldnt let Mad Mary mind your dog let alone two recently bereved raw children. Eileen in any scene at the moment with that face to sour milk and Anna pandering to Faye's every whim.

abbyk said...

- Scout, er, Sinead. Anyone who could cut through Sylvia's crust in scene 1 is okay by me. For an under 20, what a coup!
- Jason! Forget the eye candy, what a nice, supportive son. Ladies, when judging a potential spouse, we're told to see how a man respects his mother. Best. Catch. Ever!

- The swift return of pushy, oblivious Julie.
- Nannygate: everything about this is so phony and contrived. A handwritten sign in a backstreet shop window? No agency? There will be more Mary screen time, ARGHHHHHHH! Seriously, Jenna lives right there. She needs a job. She's a trained physio, a professional carer. That Dev's not in his right mind now is understandable. Mad Mary raising his kids is not. Make it go away!

Anonymous said...

I thought the character of Sinead was appealin and well written and the actress was pretty but my GOD that girl can't act.

And Social Services WERE involved as soon as Tim came back on the scene. They did an assessment and said Anna couldn't stop Faye seeing him.

Janice. said...

I understood Mary was denied the job. I think Sinead will be the new nanny. I had to laugh though at Mary, "Dusting off her resume," and Dev saying, "but there is an interview process." On Corrie they go through the motions and behave as with stranger the people have brawled with for a decade. The job always goes to a cast member who lives on the doorstep. I remember Leanne interviewing Tracy at the Bistro and Nick interviewing his own mother.

Anonymous said...

Mary gets the job as the Nanny which should make for good fun.

Eileen..WTF is up with this character. She's a wet blanket constantly...they should've given her a few of the space cakes.

Norris...just an awful character..not funny..not anything. Maybe it's time for him to be gone. Either that or bring him out already!

Chesney..OMG what a miserable sod. I sure hope they don't pair him with Sinead but I think that's just what the writers have in mind.
What's with the little hottie Katy doing throwing herself after that miserable sad sack?

Sunny Jim said...

Every now and then a character walks onto the cobbles and it immediately feels like they belong. No coming in with a bang only to be toned down later, no big drama, just great characterisation' lovely dialogue and a cracking actor. Well done Katie McGlynn for bringing us Sinead.

Tvor said...

I really liked Sinead too.
I don't mind the Faye storyline at all. I think they're all doing a good job. Tim has me interested to see if he really does want the responsibility of being a full time father. Maybe eventually but not yet.
Hate hate hate Chesney and Katy and Ryan. And I think i'd even prefer Sinead with someone else other than Chesney. Maybe Tommy D?
Eileen isn't bothering me at all like some of you.

Cobblestone said...

Sinead was a breath of fresh air; a creative young person, who has the strength of character not to drink, (and is therefore resistent to peer pressure), and who is self-aware and aware of the way her family comes over,and yet without condemning them for it. In fact she showed more character in one episode than Katy has managed to demonstrate in two years! It's as though some real thought has gone into the creation of this chaacter, rather than "Here's Beth's niece - let the actor flesh her out". Sure she'll be around for a while.

Anonymous said...

If you want to talk elocution lessons, Katy needs them in spades!

Anonymous said...

Sinead and Jason?

FJH said...

LOVE - Sinead. Really nice to see Chesney with a girl who wants to be next to him rather than glam sham Katy who, like Faye, thinks the grass will be greener on the other side (it's not).

LOATHE - Gary's developing feelings for Tina. I get that it makes great drama, but it's painting a bad picture for surrogates and women who can't have children. It kind of implies that men naturally fall in love with the women carrying their children and that Izzy is kind of set aside because she can't. Something about it doesn't sit right with me; would have been a better storyline had Tina become attached to the baby and then had a struggle letting it go.

Anonymous said...

FJH, really great points!


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