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Monday 22 April 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 22 April

At the beginning of tonight's first episode Chesney and Katy looked set to salvage their relationship. In addition it looked as if Tim was doing a reasonable job with Faye; getting her breakfast, getting her to school on time and all credit to him for dealing so well with listening to the reasons why Faye lied about Anna.

That said, he seems to be out of his depth, ill at ease and perhaps bewildered as to how he got to be in the situation in which he finds himself.

When he reports to Anna that all is well, it seems that he might be seeking her approval. Speculation aside, he appears well-meaning and kind. It must though occur to viewers to wonder where this particular story line is going.

Owen, jokingly, suggests he should give up his job as a builder and become a nursery nurse. Though he clearly lacks a few qualities desirous in a person looking after small children, at least he might be able to bring a little discipline to the 'wild toddlers' that educators are bemoaning.

To continue on the caring for children theme, Mary, putting disappointment and bitterness aside, proves to be a revelation in caring for Dev's children. There they both sit, glued not to a computer game but to a book. Mary concerns herself with the negative effects of tartrazine and recommends real fruit juice be consumed in future. Has she found herself a job? Dev certainly seems chuffed and on his second arrival home is greeted by the gift of gingerbread  men, albeit that one of them has lost a leg, but as Mary points out, they are an equal opportunities household. Nice touch writers. The children are bathed, their teeth cleaned, a casserole is in the oven and Mary (Poppins?) is offered further work on a play it by ear basis.

Not such a happy celebration of Carla's having sold her flat, in the Bistro tonight. Such alpha male competition between Peter and Rob! Still, we benefit from such lines as, 'You like to aim low in life,' from Rob to Peter, and when Peter asks Rob who he is, Peter answers his own question by saying, 'Oh yes, you're your sister's goafer.'

Anyone interested in Ryan's lucky underpants? Noone except Steve it seems who tells Ryan that he hopes they do the job for him. But come on, Katie! What are you doing? Yes, she's young, but she's no good to Joseph, the child she so desperately wanted, knocking back the shots.

To end, praise must go to Anna, who is dealing so well with heartbreak, remaining cheerful in Faye's presence yet suffering inside. She knows her daughter, who needs ten hours sleep, and so going to see a film starting at half past eight on a school night is not a good idea, especially, as Anna points out, she won't see her bed before midnight.      
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Lilliput said...

Mary was definitely the bright spot in tonight's episodes. Never thought I would say that!! I am so tired of all the shouting, anger, arguing and affairs. Maybe Sylvia should bake a large batch of brownies and share with some of the sour puss residents. Just my opinion :-)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the Peter/Rob war

Anonymous said...

Ryan had bulked up somewhat I thought last night. His arms were bustin' out of the t-shirt.

Dilly Daydream said...

Katy said she wasn't having Chesney calling her a slapper and then goes out on the lash and acts just that!

David Parsnips said...

I noticed that Ian Pulson Smith's eyes were out on stalks when Kay-tea came downstairs in that plunging top! Not a very fatherly look! LOL


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