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Monday 15 April 2013

Monday Moan: Time to revitalise the Corrie women!

Some of the more mature ladies of Weatherfield are really grating on my nerves at the moment. For me, this is a great shame as I've always seen Corrie being about strong women of a certain age. At the moment they are just not doing it for me.

Let's look at the evidence:

Deirdre Barlow

Known for: Fags, big belts, big bins and dodgy pottery.
Desperately needs to: Show Tracy-luv the door and regain her self-respect.

Eileen Grimshaw

Known for: hopeless men, lodgers that never leave and fighting in the street with Gail.
Desperately needs to: ditch the fireman and visit the hairdressers (not Audrey's!)

Gail McIntyre

Known for: wearing tabards, fluttering her eyelashes and slowing turning into Ivy Tilsley.
Desperately needs to: stop interfering and skivying for her sons and get her own life!

Anna Windass

Known for: having an annoying adopted daughter which has caused a personality transplant.
Desperately needs to: ditch the daughter and the bullyboy boyfriend and bring back cake-making Eddie!

Mary Taylor

Known for: theme nights, an impossibly large motorhome and stalking Norris Cole.
Desperately needs to: leave Weatherfield due to a crushing storyline shortage.

I believe all of the above characters have come unstuck in recent times. Other Corrie ladies like Rita, Audrey, Sally and Hayley have faired better though my only complaint is that we really just don't see enough of them.

In all seriousness though, these women need to be the cornerstone of our favourite cobbled street. In my opinion there is an urgent need for the Corrie storyliners and writing team to come up with the goods for these performers.

All of them (apart from Mary) can easily be turned around with decent stories. Come on Mr Blackburn, time to revitalise some of Coronation Street's most loyal and longstanding characters! 

*You'll notice that St Ella hasn't reared her head in this blog. I haven't really got a lot more to say about her for the moment. There has been no change on screen so I have nothing further to add. 

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rita duck said...

i agree with everything you have said,but i like mary and think she pairs well with roy

njblas said...

Yes! All these characters badly need a new direction. But Mary is definitely salvageable - I'd hate to see her go!

Anonymous said...

Yes...more of Eileen and Gail (the old E & G before the body snatchers got ahold of them). I hope to hell the writers don't pair Mary with Roy.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Oh no, I wouldn't like Mary to get her claws into our Royston!

Laura said...

Mary is unredeemable since she stalked and harassed Norris, why does no one remember that?? And she is nasty and arrogant now...who needs it? She's gone the way of Norris...enough already. No one feels sorry for her, there is no empathy. They try to make her superhuman with all these 'talents'. What's next? Was she a Bond girl back in the day?

Nathan Johnson said...

I can't stand Mary, she was embarrassing at Tyrone's trial along with Deirdre's stupid act on the stand. I thought the producers were going for a serious storyline, it just looked like an attempt at cheap laughs. Mary needs to go, fed up with her skulking around Norris all the time. Unless of course they show different sides than just a "comedy" character. Even when she is upset at a situation its hard to feel bad for her, just laugh at her.

Clinkers (David) said...

Let's add the Sisters Armstrong to the list too. Both have developed into bores and the rent-a-womb stoyline has sidelined Izzy in a negative way.

Janice. said...

Add to the list Leanne. Another female character ruined, particularly since she got her family.

Carry On Blogging! said...

Oh I quite like Izzy, David. Cannot stand her little sister though and dread where her current plot is going next!

Carry On Blogging! said...

Yes I agree Janice - Leanne has had a face like a slapped backside for quite a while now. I reckon we'll come to like her again though as she becomes a thorn in Karl's side.

Anonymous said...

Yes I beg of you get rid of Faye, let her run away with her dad.

Anonymous said...

Deirdre need to get back to how she was back in the 1980s, she acts all silly now which comes across abit corny in my opinion, I enjoyed it when she was a councillor

Mavis Pendlebury said...

Why can't current set of writers write good stories for women?

Don't they like them?

Chatty Kathy said...

My theory is that they're using all their time and "talent" at keeping Beigey front and center at all times, and giving the dreaded Boria "witty" lines. There's not much left for anyone else.


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