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Monday 15 April 2013

Coronation Street Weekly Update - putting the fun into funeral

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It’s been a strange old week on Coronation Street. We’ve had a funeral, which in the way of the world of soap, should have involved lots of grief, mourners, a family reunion with at least one punch-up.

But not this one.  Sunita’s send-off was a quiet affair, no aunties, no relatives, no Dev’s daughter Amber.  Just a couple of Dev’s cousins we’ve never seen before along with Dev’s new best mate, rent-a-Saint Ella, the woman who’ll turn up and save your life/cry on your shoulder/hold your hand/steal your scene.  We also saw Stella and Karl, back together now as a couple all kissy and cuddly and yucky.  There was Tina, Sophie, Lloyd and Steve in the church as Dev struggled to find the, what was it again? Oh yes, the words. Dev struggled to find the words as Steve’s button popped off his jacket, putting the fun into funeral and making everyone laugh.

I sometimes wonder if the measure of esteem a Corrie character is held in is reflected in the send off they receive when their character shuffles off this mortal coil of cobbles.  Sunita must have done something wrong in her past life because she got a terrible send-off in this.

So Karl’s back with Stella and the gruesome twosome make my skin creep. Karl had such potential, a proper comedy feckless fella, the likes of which we no longer have on Coronation Street.  And now he’s a murdering no-mark who’ll have to pay the price, which means he’ll be written out/killed off/banged up and St Ella will get her claws into someone else’s man after pretending to be their best mate and turning up to save their life/cry on their shoulder/hold their hand/steal their scene.  No I don’t like her. I never have and it appears now that I never will so I’m going to say it right here and right now:

Stella Price spoils my enjoyment of my favourite soap and I wish the powers that be would write her out.  I don’t hate her like I hate Tracy Barlow. I love to hate Tracy Barlow. I just hate Stella and her fake-awful accent that has never improved. I hate the way she's in every storyline, in every scene. There, I’ve said it and I'll probably say it again.

Down the Street, Eileen chucks Paul because he’s kind, decent, caring and (in her words), gorgeous.  I’m not so keen on him myself but there’s no doubt he sort of fits the first three bits of her criteria. She chucks him because she can’t stand worrying about him when he’s off out doing his job, saving lives, putting fires out.  “It’s in my blood,” he tells Eileen with no plans to quit his firefighting role.  So Eileen tells him to leave because she can’t carry on in a relationship with a decent man. It’s in her blood.  At work in the Streetcars office, Lloyd and Steve give Eileen a smashing hug when they find out she’s a single woman, again. Jason’s less huggy when he gives his mum some sage advice – to give up fellas and get herself a little dog. He might just have a point.

Elsewhere this week, Faye’s dad Tim moves into the flat above the Corner Shop, buys a sofa bed and tells little Faye she can stay there whenever she wants. She takes that offer literally and tells Anna she’s never leaving the flat again. Anna has to drag Faye, kicking and screaming, across the cobbles in full view of everyone who stands and gawps at the carry on, and when Faye gets back to Anna’s house, she smashes ornaments and breaks Anna’s heart.

Finally this week, Fiz and Tyrone play happy families and try to get Katy back with Chesney. Katy’s keen but Chesney plays it cool and the two young lovers stay apart for now.

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Anonymous said...

Boy that Leanne can spot 'em.

Liar, cheat, thief, two-timer,'d think she was looking in a mirror.

Gloria needs to be in a home..she's obviously demented.

Is there some reason that the character of Stella is in each scene? We have 20 minutes of her and Karl doing something (I don't even pay attention) and a short 2-3 minutes of other characters thrown in here and there.

Chesney and Katey..what is the point? A cutie like Katey is begging Chesney to come back and he's just.. ermmmm...I dunno. IDIOT. He's a stupid as his sister.

Mrs. Collins. said...

The actress who is STella, can't think of her name, why is she an actress? The UK is full of very talented actors, with bags of charisma. What made this woman imagine she had the goods to be an actor?

Chatty Kathy said...

It's doesn't matter so much that SHE (Michelle Collins) thought she has what it takes to be a good actress, It's that the former Corrie producer, Phil Collinson, thought so. They're supposed to be pals. So he sacrificed the quality of the show to do a favor for a friend.

Beth said...

That Faye has a very short memory of what living in care was like and being without parents at all that she can behave in such a bratish way against somebody who has taken her in, loved her and cared for her like her own. The social worker said that she was very damaged and had had a dreadful life before coming to Anna, doesn't Faye remember any of that to be throwing it all away? Yes she's young, but she's not a baby. She's 12 so it's possible to sit and have a heart to heart and try put these things across to her. The lack of communication all round is so annoying. Even if Anna doesn't like Tim, if she included him somewhat but drew definate boundaries so even he knew where he stood. They love having family conferences at the Windasses, I would have thought this would have been a perfect reason for one. It's frustrating to see them all behave in this tiresome, boring way. The only good thing is that Stella has nothing to do with the story - YET

Frosty the Snowman said...

I think I would have more sympathy with Anna who is being manipulated and treated like dirt by Faye if she hadnt taken up with Bully Boy Owen who has not treated Faye well in the past and she hadnt acted like a total idiot over the surrogacy and banged on the newly bereved Dev's house to think of her needs again in not renting the flat to Tim. Faye cannot just move in with her dad without the social worker's consent anyhow. I think the flaws in this story is that it was supposed to be EDDIE and Anna adopting her and with his sudden leaving, its all gone a bit Pete Tong.

Chatty Kathy said...

No matter what we thought of Leanne before, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Anonymous said...

When I groan while watching Corrie, my wife says, "If you don't like it go wash the dishes!'

'm up to here with ALL the story lines. Excuse me while I go and wash the dishes.


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