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Monday 15 April 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 15 April

'I've got to stay upbeat and positive,' chirrups Anna in preparation for her dealings with Faye. She describes herself most amusingly as 'the new look titanium Anna', and adds that from now on 'all back chat just bounces off me,  oing, boing,' which is a good job as Faye would try anyone's patience.

That said, though Anna loves her, Faye is bound to want to know about her past, and with her dad around the desire to know about her earlier life will intensify. Cookie dough ice cream is probably not so good for a 'stomach upset' but Tim is desperate to compensate for having run away from her, so perhaps we shouldn't be too critical of his parenting attempts.

Anna's new titanium self is not doing so well. She envies the power Tim has over Faye, who seems to kick against anything Anna asks. Unless something is escaping me, Tim seems well-intentioned and though he has bought a sofa bed it seems he has no long-term plans to have Faye live with him. 'Sweetheart', he says to his daughter, 'you live with your mum.' Cuttingly, Faye replies, 'She's not my real mum, my real mum's dead.'   He explains to Anna, 'I haven't got a plan. I've never had a plan in my life.' Though angry and frustrated, Anna's analysis of the situation is spot-on. Through hot tears Anna explains to Owen that Faye 'has concocted this world inside her head where she lives happily ever after with her fantasy dad.' Anna takes a difficult decision. How she will carry it out  is another matter, but she decides that Faye and her dad are to have no contact.   

And so to Stella and the rekindling of her romance with Karl. Well it's no surprise - we've seen it coming but after all Stella has said, the viewer, like Leanne may be incredulous. Leanne is not only unbelieving, she's also absolutely enraged, understandably so. It seems that apart from Karl and Stella themselves, there's only Gloria who is pleased about their reconciliation. 'I'm as chuffed as mint balls - Stella's got her boy back.'  'They're back together,' she informs Leanne. 'Who are?' questions Leanne, 'Burton and Taylor,' replies Gloria with a good dose of sarcasm.  'Not my mum and Karl! There's no way she'd let that creep worm his way back in.' So wrong Leanne as he's already wormed his way back in, though in fairness, Stella seems just as keen as he does. 'What the hell's going on?' demands Leanne. 'You stood there and you lied to me,' accuses Leanne.

Gloria absolutely plumbs the depths tonight when she states, 'Sunita was a pyromaniac and a scrubber.. Now she's dead so you two can live happily ever after.' Outrageous. In the bistro, Dev is having none of it. Both Stella and Karl's attempts to ingratiate themselves with him receive short shrift. 'Get out of my face - both of you.' Couldn't be clearer.

Jason, not the brightest of young men, prescribes a labradoodle to keep his mum occupied and to cure her heartbreak. It may not work for Eileen but if there is a spare labradoodle going Jason, my cocker spaniel might enjoy a companion.

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Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at Fiz motioning to the empty high chair...Ruby goes here she says to Ty..I guess he's such a dunce he'd have tried to sit in it himself if she hadn't told him.
Also..Why in the hell has Dev not given that Karl a shot to the head? And would someone please tell Stella to bog off? What a pain in the a$$ she is..forever sticking her face in, even after Dev tells the both of them to 'get out of my face, both of you', she still tells Karl she wants to go 'round there to speak to Dev.
Eileen...what can I say. She chucks a decent hard working bloke out the door and then sits on the sofa crying under a blanket because he actually left?
This whole episode was dismal IMO..except Anna finally dragging Faye kicking and screaming across the road. Owen is going to straighten her out right good (I hope) by putting the fear of God into Tim and making him run like hell. Didn't he have Jim MacDonald beating up within an inch of his life?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Seems like they don't know what to do with Gloria. She was brought in as a comedy element to give some depth to the Price family. After a few wonderful one-liners, she has become utterly hateful. Stella just gets worse and worse. When the penny drops about Karl, I suppose we're meant to feel their betrayal. However, the Price family will have lost everyone's sympathy by then.

I think Tim's the real deal. There was no look of triumph on his face as Anna dragged Faye out the door. He could end up getting a job elsewhere and that will be that. What was the point?

Janice. said...

I would like to buy a book of the collected wisdom of St Ella. Full of such insights as tonight's, "Things always get better, with time."

Chatty Kathy said...

Great job as always, Graeme! Thank you. :)

I enjoyed the little scene with Lloyd and Steve in the cab office. Carbs and friendship. And the 2 of them comforting Eileen was sweet. Good times. :)

Tim seems to be on the level. Either the actor can't deliver sneaky, villainous looks, or he's just what he appears to be: a dad who's trying to have a relationship with his formerly estranged daughter, with no ulterior motives.

The Eileen/Paul story makes no sense. But it looks like it will be ending soon, thank goodness.

Boria: there are just no words any more. I totally hate that character. Her smug glee at the St Ella & Karl The Rat reunion is stomach churning, as was her cruel dismissal of Sunita.

Dev has every right to be angry. The Beige One talked him out of taking back Sunita, and then she turns around 5 minutes later and gets back with lying, cheating Karl. What a hypocrite! Even worse, she doesn't even see it.

The Beige Lady is like a dark cloud hovering over this show.

Chatty Kathy said...

Sorry Ruth! I mistakenly wrote "Graeme". But the sentiment still applies: great post!

FJH said...

I've got some bets I'd like to hedge about Tim. When he alluded to "gory details" about his rows with Faye's mum, I felt this was foreshadowing to a story line in which we see Tim's abusive side...the producers would like another Kirsty on the street since she's been Corrie's biggest hit this year. I think Tim will have had to have really "left" Faye's mum for fear of the law, and Faye was kept away from him for these reasons, not just because her mum was an addict. His very keen behavior may soon transform into possessiveness, just like Kirsty's!

Frosty the Snowman said...

For once Frosty totally agreed with Dev and when he told St Ella patron saint of the expressionless - GET OUT OF MY FACE, I think its our sentiments entirely.

The Eileen borefest rumbles on - who really cares anyhow? She is one miserable bitter woman and as someone said does not deserve a decent hardworking man, this story is so concocted as Paul was not a character apparently the TTP wanted to keep. More idiocy from Steve McDonald - singing Happy Days Are Here Again to a recently bereved man, who writes this twaddle lately that is attempting to be passed as "humour"????

Billy Niblick said...

One gem among the dross : the look on Eileen's face when Jason told her she should give up on men and get a dog. :-) Priceless.

ChiaGwen said...

While I didn't find Steve's adolescent humour funny during his and Lloyd's encounter with Dev, I did appreciate that slap that Lloyd gave him as he walked off LOL! Loved the Steve/Lloyd/Eileen group hug at Streetcars. If they are going to give Eileen another love interest, better be a big burly guy, as let's face it, she is a big burly woman. How I wish Dennis (not Tanner) was still alive...loved those two together.

Ruth owen said...

Thank you very much Kathy.


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