Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Wednesday 24 April

Coronation Street, Wednesday 24th April 2013

IS IT THE END OF THE ROAD FOR KATY AND CHESNEY? Intent on building bridges, Chesney sets off to find Katy. But when he spots her leaving Ryan’s flat, having clearly stayed out all night, he’s gutted. Katy tries again to make peace with Chesney and assures him she didn’t sleep with Ryan. Can Katy convince Ches or is their relationship over for good?
LEANNE TELLS PETER SHE’S COMING BACK TO WORK. Leanne arrives in the bookies and to Peter’s horror, marches behind the counter explaining that she’s come to save the business before he runs it into the ground.
TINA’S HEARTBROKEN OVER LOSING HER DAD’S RING. Tina’s thrilled when she gets a call from the police to say they’ve caught the guy who burgled her flat and have recovered the stolen goods. Gary offers to run her to the station. As they arrive back Tommy’s annoyed to see them together again but when Tina explains they didn’t find her dad’s wedding ring Tommy softens and invites her out for lunch. Is a reunion on the cards?
Elsewhere Anna’s not impressed with Tim’s parenting skills. Mary calls at No.7 and insists on cooking a meal for Dev and the kids. It’s clear she’s becoming a hit with them all.

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Anonymous said...

The Katy and Ches thing is getting ridiculous now. Every single flamin' time without FAIL Katy is with Ryan, Ches comes round the corner and spots them. It's not at all believable and so contrived. And nobody gives enough of a bleep for it to be a nail-biting will-they-won't-they. Even the Tommy and Tina back and forth was better written than this. Just get it over with already.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Hear hear Anonymous above, Chesney and Katie are just SO BORING. Do they really think this tosh has us viewers on the edge of our seats? Who flaming cares??? And that woebegone face Chesney always pulls is getting beyond ridiculous. Please stop it now!!

Stephen said...

And how is Leanne going to save the business if people are betting online? She'll have to offer something else, too. Barlow's Bookmakers and Internet Cafe? Leanne's Bookies and Home Embroidery?

Janice. said...

Stephen: More like Barlow's Bookies and Brothel.

ChiaGwen said...

So Katy goes from Market Stall Chesney to Kebab Shop worker Ryan...just what did Ryan study at University? Besides the younger residents of the Cobbles not aspiring to further their education... when they do, they return to menial jobs in a Kebab Shop. Any of them heard about online courses through Universities??

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