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Tuesday 16 April 2013

New Coronation Street set - close-up and personal pic

If you saw our post which went live at midnight last night with the first official picture of the new Coronation Street site, you might have been impressed with the progress on site. I know I was. I found it quite exciting in a very Corrie anorak type of way.

So exciting did I find it (I need to get out more, I know) that I've cropped the Street set from the main picture and upload it here for your viewing pleasure. After all, it's the bit of the picture that we're all really interested in, isn't it?

Are there any building experts who can talk us through any aspects of the new Street set that they've spotted anything noteworthy about?  It's going to be bigger, that we already know.   In an interview with Radio 2 in December last year, Corrie actor Antony Cotton, who plays Sean Tully, revealed some things about the new set. Read all about that here.

View the full picture here and click on the pic above to enlarge the cropped area shown.

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Chewy said...

Things I spotted:

Rovers definately has two windows, lol

The factory looks much bigger

The Webster's house has gained an extra floor over the front door

The shop now has two windows

Also, there seems to be a back street to Victoria Street now


Greg said...

The side of the Rovers looks more like it used to with the Bridge not joined any more

Stevie said...

It's an amazing project but I'm very sad to see the back of the old set. Do we know what the plans are for Granada studios, particularly 'the Street'?

Mark said...

The Rovers viaduct has moved back a bit so that passing trains wouldn't go through the Rovers roof but it does seem to end in mid-air. The factory is a bit bigger and as Chewy says, there are now 2 windows on the front first floor of the pub and it has a flat roof bit at the back. The backs of the Mawdsley Street houses (behind the Corrie terrace) is just better built but won't actually be fully formed houses. Other than that can't see anything different.

Tvor said...

It looks like the ginnel is going to be a bit wider, but hard to say because the backs of Mawdsley Street would have a bit of a "yard" first. Did the corner shop always abut out a foot or two instead of being flush with Number 13? Or was that added in the rebuild after the tram crash?

Oooh oooh ooh and the window in the roof of Number 7 is gone! It used to be the window in the loft where Curly built a little "observatory"

Llifon said...

If you look closely Tvor, the attic window is still there. And I think the Corner Shop has always been a bit wider than the rest of the terrace as you can see here in this clip of when the McDonald twins smashed Alf's window in 1989/90.

Grant said...

It looks like the side passage between The Rovers and No1 has been removed? It might be me being blind, but it looks like it will return to what the Grape St set looked like, no1's bay window being attached to the rovers wall?

StuFew said...

Curly's skylight is still there, just moved up a bit. The Corner Shop always stuck out a bit form the rest of the terrace.
Another thing I've noticed is that there is a wider gap between the upstairs windows of adjoining houses.

Beth said...

Is it me or does Sally, Gail and Anna's houses look on more of an angle with the factory now dominating Gail's garden?

Anonymous said...

They haven't finished building the back yards. On other sites they mistake this for being a new street. Shame they haven't built the maudsley street houses full with a street (preferably cobbled too) to make the set look less closed in and legoland like. They could have had park fencing with shrubbery facing the Maudsley street houses and pretended its the red rec. I'm a geek that's given this too much thought I know lol. Just a wasted opportunity to create a proper area of back street terraces. There's no law that characters can't live on that street too.


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