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Friday 19 April 2013

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 19 April

Coronation Street, Friday 19th April 2013 at 7.30pm

FAYE HAS A CONFESSION TO MAKE. Anna’s beside herself, worried she could lose Faye altogether. But when Faye is formally interviewed, she breaks down admitting it was all lies and Anna has never hit her. The social worker calls at No.6 and tells Anna that Faye made the whole thing up hoping she could go and live with her dad. As a sheepish Faye arrives home, Anna wonders if it’s time she admitted defeat!
CHESNEY TRIES TO MOVE ON. Beth and Kirk invite Chesney out for a drink along with Beth’s niece, Britney. Chesney’s reluctant but Beth has high hopes that Sinead and Chesney will become an item.
DEV STARTS HIS SEARCH FOR A NANNY. Having seen Dev’s advert for a nanny, Mary applies for the job. Dev’s not convinced but agrees to interview her.
Elsewhere Gary insists on running Tina to the shops, even though it makes him late for work as a result. Eileen’s dreams of a relaxing holiday are shattered when Julie insists they book every excursion available.

Friday 19th April 2013 at 8.30pm

ANNA MAKES A HEARTBREAKING DECISION. Owen’s incredulous as Anna explains she doesn’t want Faye to grow up hating her and if that means going to live with her dad then so be it. Anna calls on Tim and proposes Faye moves in with him on a temporary basis if he’s up to the job, will Tim agree? Faye’s thrilled by Anna’s change of heart but when it comes down to it will a broken Anna let her little girl go?
CHESNEY AND KATY DISCUSS A RECONCILIATION. Chesney and Sinead are getting on well but when Katy arrives in the bistro, the atmosphere’s awkward and Katy leaves hurt. Seeing Katy heading home upset, Ryan suggests he takes her for a drink. Will Katy agree or is it it Chesney she wants a date with?
DEV FAILS TO FIND HIS MARY POPPINS. Dev interviews Mary for the nanny job but tells her she’s unsuitable because of her lack of experience.
Elsewhere Gary calls at Tina’s flat insisting he fits some new window locks for her. While he’s there Tina lets him feel the baby kick inside her. Gary’s beyond excited but when he tells Izzy that he felt their baby move how will she react? Eileen donates her holiday to a delighted Julie and Brian.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Of course in today's world of few jobs and agency books bursting with nanny's with great credentials and child care experience where does our Devster go to get someone to look after his precious kids - oh mad Mary of course who is of no fixed abode, has no kids of her own and not quite all there - you know it makes sense!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the story liners think there is comedy
In this ? But I agree . It's ridiculous that Mary is still a character on the street after what she did to Norris on that week in the cottage. . And we are to believe she lives in a van . Parked where? Where does she get her water supply from to shower ? I certainly wouldn't let her any where near FOOD never mind children !

abbyk said...

All the above, and she is the witch who gossiped about Sunita in Dev's store just last week. Of course she'll get the job, it's Corrie logic. Only the shallowest viewer will find the set up entertaining.

The only thing I like about Mary is that she makes Stella seem palatable. No character is more past their sell by date as her.

Anonymous said...

If Anna's got any sense at all, she will get rid of that horrible little ingrate tout-suite!

Anonymous said...

Mary was gossiping nastily about Sunita in Devs shop . So why would he give her the job of nanny ? Especially as its not two minutes since Sunita died and he would be grieving and very angry with Mary.
It doesn't make sense.
Where does Mary do her laundry ? Where does she shower? It's unbelievable .


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